CMA Rocks The Rocky Mountain State Games

CMA Rocks The Rocky Mountain State Games!

Age Group Bronze & Silver: I think that all of the Bronze and Silver swimmers did very well at the first long course meet of this summer season. I know for many of them this was their first time to swim in a long course pool and it can be a little intimidating. Everyone listened to all of our coaches and had a great meet. We finished with so many best times. The Bronze group finished with 88% best times and earned 15 new best time buttons. The Silver group did amazing as well! They finished with 84% best times and earned 29 new best time buttons. I had eight swimmers finish the meet with all best times. This is incredible! Congratulatiosn to Dylan Bratty, Cordelia and Beatrix Wei, Allie Harris, Zach Stevens, Eli Marm, Lluc Deocan Day, and Fernando Ardines. I am very proud of all those that did the 100 Breaststroke, 100 Backstroke, and 100 Freestyle this weekend. I can't wait for the next long course meet.

Juniors and AG Gold This was such a fun and exciting meet, especially being able to watch and cheer for all of the masters swimmers, some of whom were in their 70's, 80's, or 90's!  What an inspiration!  Our kids also earned a lot of and really enjoyed the great medals!  For the third meet in a row, our AG Gold and Junior swimmers swam awesome!  Collectively, they achieved an additional 12 new state cuts, after earning 12 at the last meet and 25 at the first meet of the season!  They also swam an impressive 101 new best times - 83% of swims for the Golds and 75% of swims for the Juniors! Looking at the heat sheets at the meet, it had been a little deceiving, as many of their seed times were either conversions or guesses, but the final results show amazing improvements!  Swimming new state cuts were:   Elam Estella  (4),  Sophia   Mezei  (4),  Kayla Bentley  (2),  Cardin Nguyen  (1), and  Jin   White  (1).   Samantha Synsvoll  achieved a second Western Zone Championships qualifying time and is now qualified in both the 200 back and 200 breast!  Pretty impressive for someone at the bottom of her age group (11)!  Eight of our swimmers achieved ALL best times:   Kayla  (8),  Elam  (6),  Sophia  (8),  Jin  (7),  Alexis Haring (8),  Alex Terhakopian  (4) Elyse Eilmes  (8) and  Sam Sena  (3) .   As usual, many of the time drops were huge!  Some examples:  In the 100 free,  William   Bentley  dropped 52 seconds, and  Alex  and  David   Terhakopian  each dropped 28 seconds.  In the 200 free,  Kytelyn Pieper  dropped 49 seconds,  Jack Schoonover  dropped 37,  Cardin  dropped 29, and  Chloe Carrell  dropped 10.  In the 100 fly,  Kytelyn  dropped 29.5 seconds,  Kayla  dropped 25+,  Sophia  dropped 10, and  Kellen  dropped 9.  In the 100 breast,  Kytelyn  dropped 21 seconds,  Alexis  dropped 12, and  Zoe Harris  and  Elyse  each dropped 10.  In the 100 back,  Zoe  dropped 15 seconds and  Kayla  dropped 10.  Wow!  We are working very hard now towards even more best times and state cuts and can't wait to see what the next meet will bring!

Seniors:  For our second long course meet of the season our seniors competed at the Rocky Mountain State Games. At this meet, our swimmers not only competed with their usual competitors, but they also got to swim against masters swimmers that ranged in age from their 20s to a 90 year old swimmer. Its always fun to see our swimmers in awe of older generations competing. This, and the fact that the meet came with some huge medals for the top finishers, led to some pretty good swims and a bunch of new best times, which is great at this time of the season. Leading the way were Amaya Porter (50/100/200 free, 100&200 breast, 100 back,100 fly and 200 IM), and Isaac Eilmes (50/100/200 free, 100&200 back, 100 fly, 50 breast and 200 IM) , whom both posted a new best time in every event they swam in, 8 in total. Also having a great meet was Bethany Slivka with 5 new best times (100&200 back, 50&200 fly and 50 free). Coming in with 4 new best times each were Madelyn Branham (50 fly, 50 back, 100 breast and 100 free), and Ysa Carrell (50&200 free, 100 back and 200 breast). Kaelyn Hinesly posted three new PB's (100 back, 50 breast and 50 free), Kambry Lightfoot had 2 new best times (100&200 free), and Caroline Bricker came away from the weekend with one new best time (50 free).