Natalie Lewis Meet huge success

What a weekend! Thanks to the Lewis Family for all that they did, their presence at the meet elevates us all. We played host to 29 Teams, over 600 Swimmers and had 125 Titans compete in the first LC Meet of the season. What a tremendous undertaking it is to run a meet of this size and we are truly thankful for the Town of Tonawanda’s support in all we do. The Team stepped up and we were able to fill all those open slots but we had to rely on many of the same families that have already fulfilled their work requirements and took care of all that needed to be done. We appreciate all the efforts people made to be there and help out!

The Titans swam out of this world this weekend! We managed over 450 new swims and best times, nearly 70 new Championship Cuts, and this was our first meet! Outstanding. We only had a few DQ’s and will continue to work on those little things going foreword.


Level 1 had 5 swimmers participate in the meet. This was Gary Hall, Rocco Hall, James Lyons, Francis Murphy, and Yasmin Ramsey’s first long course meet and they all did a fantastic job!  All 5 of our swimmers swam the 50 freestyle and they all kicked their way to the end.  Lyons, Murphy, and Ramsey all also swam the 50 backs and they all remembered to finish on their backs, which is something we have been working on in practice!  Ramsey also swam the 50 fly (WOW!) and finished strong, before we know it she’ll be swimming the 100!  Way to go Level 1!

Level 2 had 12 swimmers compete in the meet and that was a huge turnout! With many new swims and the first long course meet they did an amazing job! There were a couple of DQ's across the board that we will continue to work towards improving at practice. This week to come we are going to focus on our transitions and starts so that we can see more time drops in the next meet. They have been working hard and have grown their confidence to try new events! Awesome job level 2!

Level 3 had 14 swimmers that participated this weekend in the Natalie Lewis meet. Many of our swimmers competed long course for the first time and had some great swims. Grace Griffin was our NI Championship qualifier in both the 50 and 100 breaststroke events, hard work really pays off! As a level we have been working on improving our stokes and increasing our yardage for the long course season. All around it was a great effort from our swimmers and an awesome start to the season!

Level 4 had 26 Swimmers at the meet and this huge group showed off all the efforts they have made to improve strokes and get in shape so far! We were really pleased with the efforts at practice the past 5 weeks and that is why we see so many outstanding swims in the results of this first meet! 43 new events swam, 35 NI Championship Meet Cut Times, and to top it al off …139 personal best times! A truly amazing start!

Level 5 had 9 swimmers at the meet this weekend and altogether they did a great job with the first long course meet of the season! There were 33 best times and 7 NI Championship qualifying times from Brady Garcia and Brie Lorenz. Everyone held a positive attitude throughout the meet and continue to be motivated to drop those times through hard work at practice. As a level we have been working together to set and achieve our goals this summer by increasing our yardage at practice. Keep up the good work!  

Level 6 sent 18 swimmers to the meet and they were able to pull together an amazing amount of great swims! We saw 18 NI Championship Meet Cuts achieved, 12 new events and 93 personal best swims. Many level 6 swimmers are involved in multiple sports this spring and have the dedication to get to practice and keep in swimming shape to come and swim some great events! We have several swimmers in this level aging up, attempting new things and balancing School along with everything else and the results are outstanding! Great work Titans!

Level 7 and 8 had a tremendous weekend with nearly every swimmer have a personal best swims. As a group over 120 personal best and almost 50 new or improve NI cut times. We have been focusing on our DPS over the last month trying to swim smarter to swim faster. We have been doing a lot drill work to work on better mechanics to swim more efficiently. I am very impressed with the progress in just over a month of work and a lot of the swimmers missing time with exams. A few stand out swimmers this weekend were Natalie Hesch, Natalie Fritsch, Maya Marcyan, Carolyn Deboth, Lauren Levy, Aidan Morgan, Paul Wissel, Maddy Fragale, Matt Walker, Colin Janis, Emma Higgins, Mark Crocker, Peter Castiglia, Bailey Wiegand, Alex Switalski

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