SRST: Ben's Letter of Recommendation Program


Hello SRST Families,

Due to the fact that I am coaching Senior Swimming again (it's been a few years), I've had to think about helping swimmers with preparation for college swimming.  To help with this I've initiated 2 programs (so far):

1)  Ben's LOR Program (link above):  Yesterday I verbally presented this new program to AG2 and Senior Swimmers at SAC.  There were many tears in the group as swimmers realized that the requirements to get a letter of recommendation were beyond their current commitment level (and beyond what they are willing to give).  I want to make very clear that this program is completely optional and it can be viewed very much like an honors class at school.  It is strict and has hard minimum requirements.  The difference between my LOR program and an honors class is that ANYONE can have entry into my program if they wish (with an honors class you might not have the grades to be considered, so for many they couldn't do it even if they wanted to).  I also want to make it clear that I will NEVER talk in a negative way about any of my swimmers to college coaches.  This program is designed to HELP people only.  I will not sabotage any swimmer ever.

2)  SportsRecruits:  If you've been reading the weekly newsletter you know we now have access to a great program called SportsRecruits:  CLICK HERE FOR LINK.  This program is currently free to SRST members.  It is an awesome tool for student-athletes looking for a great university with a swim program.  The program allows athletes to search for schools (based on sorting features you select), select favorites, email college coaches and keep updated bio info for college coaches to review.  It's an awesome recourse and I highly recommend being proactive with it.

As time goes by I will add additional programs and resources to help assist swimmers with transitioning to college swimming.  If you have any questions, please reach out.  As questions come in I will add an FAQ section to my LOR Program page.


Coach Ben