The Weekly Wave (5/24)
Being in the now doesn't mean that you say things to yourself like, "Stay in the now!" "C'mon, you've drifted, you have to get back to the now!" If those things are going through your head, then you are THINKING, NOT being!!! Being in the now means that you keep your focus on what you are doing, without thoughts, while you are doing it! You see the ball as it comes to you. You feel the stride that you're taking right now and notice how relaxed your arm swing is. You feel the stretch in your arm as you feel how much water you're pulling on this stroke. You focus on feeling your first skill of the floor routine as you go to do it. You feel yourself running down the runway with the pole as you do so. You feel "soft hands" as you stand over that 5 foot putt, etc. 
While all of this may sound so simple, it is far from it! Learning to stay present in the present without being sidetracked and hijacked by your thoughts takes a lot of practice. –Dr. Alan Goldberg

SNOW LONG COURSE SPRING CLASSIC…was held at Claude Moore Rec Center. A great meet to kick start our team’s long course season. Long course has a slightly different feel to short course as we get to swim twice as long and there are less turns. Competing in this type of distance can teach you something about yourself and your stroke. Keep on challenging yourself BLUE WAVE, this was a great competition and we all learned a little something so we will be even better prepared for the next meet!
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Kate Balwinski: BB-100 Breast
  • Charlie Barker: A-50 Back, 50 Free; AA-50 Fly; BB-200 IM
  • Naska Batjargal: B-200 IM
  • Jasmine Boggs: A-50 Back, 50 Fly; AA-100 Free
  • Ben Brockmeier: B-200 IM, 50 Fly
  • Nathan Bruley: A-50 Back, 100 Back; BB-100 Free, 50 Fly; A-50 Free
  • Dylan Byer: BB-100 Free, 100 Back; B-200 IM, 400 IM
  • Ann Marie Cargill: A-400 Free; B-100 Fly
  • Samantha Carr: BB-50 Back, 200 IM, 50 Breast
  • Andrew Char: A-100 Breast, 100 Free, 200 Free; BB-200 Back, 200 Breast
  • Matthew Char: A-50 Back, 50 Breast; AA-100 Free, 50 Free
  • Valerie Chenault: BB-100 Back
  • Michael Coppola: B-100 Breast; A-200 Free
  • Natalie Coppola: B-100 Free; BB-50 Free
  • Keelan Delaney: B-200 IM
  • Vy Dinh: BB-100 Free, 200 IM
  • Bailey Edmundson: B-50 Back
  • Adison Gregory: B-50 Back, 200 IM; BB-100 Breast
  • Carly Hanlin: BB-50 Back, 200 IM, 50 Free; B-50 Fly, 200 Free
  • Dana Hanlin: B-50 Free, 200 Breast
  • Gavin Harrison: BB-50 Back; B-100 Free
  • Audrey Hayward: BB-50 Back, 100 Free, 50 Free, 100 Back; B-50 Fly, 50 Breast
  • Megan Helge: BB-50 Back, 200 IM, 50 Free, 100 Back; B-50 Fly, 200 Free, 100 Free
  • Musashi Horrigan: B-50 Back, 100 Back
  • Daniel Hou: B-100 Free, 200 IM
  • Justin Iglesias: BB-50 Free, 200 Free, 100 Fly, 100 Free
  • Caleb Johnson: BB-100 Breast, 200 IM; A-50 Back
  • Anna Klotz: BB-50 Free
  • Kylie Landry: B-50 Back, 50 Free, 100 Back
  • Sammy Landry: B-50 Back, 100 Back
  • Lauren Long: A-100 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breast; AA-200 IM, 50 Free, 200 Breast; B-200 Fly, 100 Fly
  • Sammy Marlovits: B-200 IM, 50 Fly; BB-50 Free
  • Abigail Martin: B-100 Free
  • Ella Mcomber: A-100 Back
  • Zack Mitarotonda: BB-200 IM, 400 Free, 200 Free; B-100 Back, 100 Fly
  • Eric Nguyen: A-100 Free; BB-200 Back
  • Evelyn Nguyen: BB-400 Free
  • Reagan Petti: BB-100 Back, 50 Breast
  • Claire Pollock: B-100 Free
  • Colin Pollock: BB-50 Back; B-200 IM
  • Claire Porter: BB-200 IM, 50 Free, 100 Back, 100 Fly
  • Christopher Qian: AA-50 Back, 100 Back; A-200 IM; BB-100 Free
  • Ryan Rounds: B-100 Free, 200 IM, 200 Back, 50 Free, 100 Back
  • Tyler Rounds: A-50 Back, 200 IM; AA-100 Breast
  • Lea Sapatka: B-100 Free, 200 IM
  • Arti Shastry: B-100 Free, 200 IM, 200 Back, 100 Back; BB-50 Free
  • Isabella Sian: B-50 Free, 200 Free
  • Reagan Skorupski: BB-50 Back, 100 Free, 50 Free, 100 Back; B-50 Fly, 50 Breast
  • Maria Stalcup: B-100 Free, 100 Breast, 200 Breast; BB-50 Free, 100 Back
  • Brandon Tran: B-100 Breast, 200 IM, 50 Free, 200 Breast
  • Isabella Van Ess: AA-200 IM
  • Morgan Vannell: B-50 Free
  • Quinn Wall: B-50 Free
  • Joe Wilson: BB-50 Back, 100 Free, 50 Fly
  • Christina Yang: BB-400 Free, 200 Free, 200 Breast, 100 Breast

Ones in BOLD are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline.

SNOW SHORT COURSE SPRING CLASSIC… was a last chance short course meet.  TYPHOONS, GREEN Crest, BREAKERS and TIDAL Wave competed and swam very well.  Everyone showed off the hard work they have been displaying in practice with improved technique and dropped times.
We Broke 2 Individual Team Records:
  • Everly Livingston broke the ten-year-old record in the 7-8 100 fly by over nine seconds with a 1:52.77.
  • Jaiden Diaz broke the 7-8 50 fly record with a 37.92.
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Chance Bennion: B-50 Back
  • Jaiden Diaz: BB-50 Fly, 50 Breast
  • Max Egbert: B-100 Free
  • Kyle Gadsby: B-100 Free
  • Molly Layne: B-100 Breast
  • Everly Livingston: B-100 Fly
  • Sukhi Mahadevan: B-50 Free
  • Jake Rowley: BB-50 Fly, 50 Breast

Ones in BOLD  are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline.

UPLOAD Pictures for Banquet… We need your help in making a slide show for the Banquet. If you have any pictures of the team or activities, etc...please click on the link below and upload them to our OneDrive account. Thank you for your help.

SPEAKING OF THE BANQUET, IT’S ON JUNE 3rd….This year’s banquet will held on Sunday June 3rd at the National Conference Center. Please make sure to register online. Details can be found by following the link below.

WE ENTER THE SEASON OF LOUD RUMBLES AND JAGGED BOLTS...of high voltage heavenly discharges so it’s a good time to review our lightning policy. If thunder is heard or lighting is spotted the pool will close for 30 minutes following the final sighting/rumble. We will hold dryland if this happens and get in the water as soon as it is clear. If there is extended storms and it just keeps coming we may cancel practice. In that case pleas   keep an eye on your inbox and website.

Because of the VA State Champs & Memorial Day on Monday 5/27-29 follow the below schedule.
  • Saturday 5/27
    • ALL practices CANCELED due to VA State Champs
  • Sunday 5/28
    • SURFERS practices are CANCELED
  • ​Monday 5/29
    • ALL SQUADS practices are CANCELED
NORMAL practices will resume on Tuesday (5/30)

COACH MIKE’S CORNER UPDATE: Stop Making New Goals – Create Habits Instead…by Marcia Reynolds Psy.D.
The scenario: You declare a change you want to make to achieve the results you desire. You eagerly set a goal and plan the steps. You tell yourself this time, you will commit to your goal.
Then you go back to days full of urgent emails and texts; projects falling behind; messes to clean up; fires to put out; agendas, lists and people who need to be heard out.
You think about your goal between frantic interruptions, but the days feel so overwhelming and out-of-control, you cling to what you have done in the past. You say, “Next week I’ll change when I have more time.” Lapses of distraction and masterful rationalizations crush your best-laid plans.
Sound familiar? You might feel guilty for a while, but then you conveniently forget your goal so you can focus on the more important things you must do. Or you say things like, “I am who I am” and people should accept me for that.
Humans are creatures of habit. Nearly half of what you do each day is repeated behavior. MORE…

PARENT’S CORNER UPDATE: Quit Doing These 8 Things for Your Teen This Year if You Want to Raise an Adult…by Amy Carney
How do we raise competent adults if we’re always doing everything for our kids?
Don’t judge me if you happen to see my kids eating packaged Ritz crackers for school lunch.
Don’t judge me if they’re on the sidelines of PE because they forgot their uniform.
Don’t judge me if they didn’t turn in their homework because it’s still sitting home on their desk.
What some may view as a lack of parenting, is what I deem parenting on purpose, as we work to build necessary life skills in our kids.
I stopped making daily breakfasts and packing school lunches long ago.
I don’t feel obligated to deliver forgotten items left behind at home.
School projects and homework are not any part of my existence.
How do we raise competent adults if we’re always doing everything for our kids?
Walk away from doing these 8 things for your teen this school year MORE…

NUTRITION CORNER UPDATE: Benefits of Water: Science Proved 5 Great Reasons to Stay Hydrated…by Luke George
You may already be aware that you should drink plenty of water each day but do you know why? Yes, it’s true that you cannot stay alive for very long without drinking water. But keeping well hydrated is also essential for general day-to-day health and well-being.
This article will give you scientific and academically based benefits of water. By the end of this article, you will learn great reasons to stay hydrated.
The nutritional value of water
In terms of nutrition, plain water contains zero calories. This alone is a great reason to consume more of it.
Unlike almost every other consumable, water is not a source of carbohydrates, protein or fat.1 Its only function is to hydrate you and you can drink plenty of it without worrying about any weight gain.
5 scientific benefits of water MORE…

We are challenged everyday to change ourselves to become the person we want to be!