BAAC Kicks Off Long Course Season with 40 Qualifying Times for Championships!!!

BAAC Kicks Off Long Course Season with 40 Qualifying Times for Championships

BAAC kicked off the 2018 long course season with great success at the Natalie Lewis Meet this past weekend. Our swimmers competed in 192 individual events and had 38 Top 8 finishes, 105 personal best times and 40 qualifying times for Niagara Long Course Championships in July.

Noteworthy achievements from the meet include:

  • Top 8 finishes by Luciana Alessi, Lauren Golden, Maya Huntress, Veronika Puzanovova, Jonas Borden, Emily Chung, Peter Peyser, Megan Jermak, Nicole Marchese, and Julia Maslanka
  • Long Course Qualifying Times: Luciana Alessi, Emily Chung, Lauren Golden, Maya Huntress, Veronika Puzanovova,  Jonas Borden, Sarah Carlson, Reagan Peiper, Peter Peyser and Megan Jermak
  • Highest ratio of seconds dropped in personal best events: Sofie Hall – dropped 80.09 seconds in 4 events (20.02) and Mallory Adams – dropped 73.08 seconds in 4 events (18.27) 

Eastern Zone Long Course Championships Qualifier

  • Emily Chung qualified for Zone champs in the 50 Fly with a 32.04!

Impressive Rookie Swims:

  • Cadence Pisa and Drew Dees III with (6) and (5) first time long course events respectively
  • Luciana Alessi, Maya Huntress, Veronika Puzanovova and Sarah Carlson all had first time events that qualified for Championships.

Fearless Leaders:

  • Sofie Hall –dropped 74 seconds in the 800 free and was the only BAAC swimmer in the 200 Fly!
  • The Borden brothers competed in the 400 and the 800 free.

It was a great team effort by everyone and we send out a huge thank you to our coaches for putting in double shifts over the weekend! 

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