Frequently Asked Questions

-At meets, are we allowed to be with and sit with our children? Yes, you may sit with your children.  However, we like all of the swimmers to sit together under our tents for team-bonding and to make it easier/safer to find them and make sure they don't miss events.

-I wanted to watch a meet or two before I volunteer for a position, to be sure I have an idea of what to do.  How many volunteer slots for the season are we to sign up for?  Our red and black meet is a practice meet with just our team.  The main purpose is to help swimmers and parents feel more comfortable about how meets work and to learn the roles of each volunteer position.  Hopefully this will help!  As far as how many to sign up for, we need help at each and every meet.  So, if possible, we ask parents to sign up for something each meet. 

-If volunteering, do our young swimmers just stay together, or do I need to leave him/her in the care of another parent not volunteering that day? This is one of the reasons we like to have the swimmers sit together.  If you are more comfortable having another parent stay with your child, of course, please do so!  Otherwise, if they stay with the group the parents who are volunteering as 8/10 helpers will help to make sure they do not miss a race.  (these volunteers are NOT responsible for the swimmers, however). 

-Do I need to sign up for all the events I am able to attend now, or is there a deadline a few weeks before each event?  Each event has its own sign-up deadline.  It's fine to wait as long as you remember to sign up by the deadline for each (the deadlines are posted in the sign-up area for each event).

-My daughter only knows freestyle and an unofficial breast stroke.  Do I need to sign her up for swim events now, or will the coaches teach her other strokes and recommend what she would be best at before meets?  The coaching staff will be instructing on all strokes.  For dual meets, the coaches select which events the swimmers race.  For invitationals, however, the swimmers can choose for themselves.  It might be a good idea to have her stick with what she knows now.  As long as you do it before the deadline for each one, she should be able to change her events for invitationals if she wants to.

-Are we to bring in donated food items to sell at meets/invitationals, or are these purchased?  We try to get as much food donated as possible for all meets and the invitationals we host (Lititz Springs Invitational and Divisionals). What is not donated must be purchased, which obviously does not bring in as much money for the team.  Donations are NOT required, however!