Weather Policy and Text Message Alert

 Weather Policy/Alerts Practice - is only canceled in the event of electrical storms, severe winds, or pool malfunctions. We will do our best to let everyone know at least 30 minutes prior to practice if it is cancelled. Rain is not grounds for canceling practice. We will try our best to have practice or at least part of a practice if there are storms in the area. Torpedo Athletes should always bring shoes so that we can do some dryland (exercises on land) if needed. If practice should be canceled, we will send out an email and mass text message. You must register for SMS messaging AND verify your number via your account on our team website to receive the text messages.

To Sign Up For SMS (Text) Message*s:
1. Sign into your account on our website
2. Click “My Account”
3. Click “My Account” from the menu that appears
4. Type in your cell number in the SMS box and choose the appropriate carrier
5. Click “Save” on the top right of the screen
6. Click the yellow “Unverified” box
7. Type the code that was sent to your cell phone in the box
8. Click “Verify”
9. Click “Save” on the page

*This would be in a new process for us. We will still utilize the email system as well.