Reminder: Upcoming Events


We have two important events on the horizon:

  1. Our early season practices start June 4.
  2. Our 2018 Season Kickoff party is on June 9.

NOTE: You can view the current calendar (any future updates) in your favorite calendar app.  Simply subscribe via our website from the calendar tab.  To do so, ensure you are logged in and then:
a) Navigate to the calendar page via the calendar button.
b) Click the 'subscribe' button that is just above the calendar.
c) On the 'subscribe calendars' pop-up, press 'select'
d) On the 'select calendars' pop-up, check 'General Calendar' and press the select button.
e) Back on the 'subscribe calendar' pop-up, click the 'Subscribe Now' button.
f) A new pop-up will open 'Generating Calendar'.  This could take a minute to process.
g) A final window will open containing a URL link to copy into your android/ios/other calendar program.

Swim Fast.