May Swim Meet Recap

RUSH Aquatics – May Meet Recap

10 & Under End of School Splash, May 12

11-12 End of School Splash, May 19-20

By Coach Tracy Nelson

We are ramping up our long course season, and RUSH swimmers performed swimmingly at the End of School Splash meets at the University of Texas Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center this month.  Unfortunately, our 13 & older swimmers were not able to enter this meet, as it filled immediately and we were told there wasn’t enough space for our older swimmers.

Time standards achieved
Congratulations to the following RUSH swimmers who achieved a time standard cut at May’s End of School Splash meets:


Jett Henson

B time in 50m Backstroke

Benjamin Jaggers

BB time in 50m Freestyle

BB time in 100m Freestyle

BB time in 100m Backstroke

Phoebe Jaggers

A time in 100m Freestyle

A time in 200m Freestyle

A time in 50m Backstroke

A time in 100m Backstroke

B time in 100m Butterfly

Levi Langley

BB time in 100m Freestyle

BB time in 50m Breaststroke

BB time in 50m Butterfly

Evan Minter

B time in 100m Freestyle

B time in 200m Freestyle

B time in 100m Backstroke

B time in 50m Butterfly



More fast swims, time improvements for all!
Other swimmers at the meets, who ALL posted time improvements, included:


10 & Under Long Course Kickoff

April 14


Abby Chu

Anna Csizmadia

Heath Hogan

Liam Kelly

11-12 End of Year Splash

May 19 - 20


Aurian Arbabian

Andrew Betron

Emma Chu

Calia Couch

Zoe Loschke

Evan Schaffer

Tayla Score

Lia Segrest

Luci Thompson



Long Course

Long Course season runs from April through July, and swimmers swim in an Olympic-sized, 50m pool.  This is different Short Course season (August through March), when the swimmers swim in 25y or 25m pool.  Our pool at GHCC is 25m long, so during Long Course season, our swimmers compete in a pool that’s twice as long!


Time Standards

USA Swimming offers motivational time standards for each swim event, and swimmers can monitor their progress as they get faster.  The time standard designations are (from fast to fastest):  B, BB, A, AA, AAA, AAAA. 

BIG congratulations to all of our above swimmers who achieved their time standards cuts!  All their hard work in the pool is really paying off!

Upcoming Meets

There aren’t many more long course meets on the schedule, but Coach Sam is on the lookout as new ones open up!  We strongly encourage our swimmers to sign up for as many as possible, since there are so few:






June 5

Tuesday Night Races

Round Rock

Open to all

June 16

12 & Under Sprint Cup


Open to all (12 & under)

June 22

Texas Open


BB and faster LC times


Championship Meets
Mark your calendars! 






July 12-15

STAGS Championships

Palo Alto College, San Antonio

STAGS qualifiers

July 20-22

Jr. STAGS Championships

Palo Alto College, San Antonio

Below STAGS times, from a previous meet

Note:  Swimmers can enter any events in Jr. STAGS in which they have an official USA Swimming time that is slower than the STAGS cut.  That’s why it’s so important for our swimmers to enter as many of our meets (and as many events as they’d like!) between now and then – so they can qualify for our championships.  Championship meets are a ton of fun and a great bonding experience for the team.  Swimming at a championship meet provides a great experience and energy unlike any other regular in-season meet. 

Mark your calendars -- we’re hoping to bring as many RUSH swimmers to STAGS and Jr. STAGS as possible!