June 05, 2018 - TUESDAY UPDATES 6/05/18


UPDATES 06/05/18

Practice Cancellation

  • June 9th ,2018 – Saturday practice will be cancelled for all groups due to Barracuda swim meet at Melvin Ford.


Afternoon Practice for National & National Development  

  • Practice will be held at the Bentonville Community Center from 3:00-4:30PM (No DRYLAND)


Meet Deadline

  • Fort Smith Recordsetter- Deadline is today June 5th, 2018.


Joplin Meet this Weekend

  • Bring your tents and Chairs if you are attending the Joplin meet this weekend. It is typically hot and there is not a lot of Shade.

  • The following Team Merchandise will also be available for purchase at the meet this weekend

  • Shark Visors $17.00

  • Shark Hates $19.00

  • Sockets $10.00


Long Course State Towels & Tumblers

Please check out the link below to order your Long Course State Towels & Tumblers.

Deadline: June 11th, 2018



If you would like to have a Shark mom or dad for an exercise buddy while the kids are in practice this summer, then wait at the main entrance to the pool until practice begins.  No need to go on deck.  Some will walk, run, ride bikes, or even swim.  You should be able to find at least one buddy.   This will be a great way to get to know other Sharks and burn some calories.



Our team has the privilege of hosting two swim meets in July: NWAA Memorial Classic (July 13-15) and ASI Long Course Age Group Championships (July 26-29).  These function as major fundraisers for our team, so every family is required to fill at least two worker positions for each meet.  If you have pre-arranged plans that conflict with either swim meet, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Emily Tong ( so that available pre-event tasks can be assigned or accommodations for specific days of our meets can be made.  In the case that a pre-event task cannot be assigned, those who contact our Volunteer Coordinator at least 45 days in advance will be charged 40% of the fine for not volunteering.  If you are going to sectionals, or might be, and you haven't contacted Emily yet, please do so this week.



Shark Gear


If you have any Shark gear stored at your house, please return it to Myriah or John se we can get everything stored in one location.