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Swimmers win high point, team finishes second at Lalor

The 2018 Tom Lalor Invitational swim meet brought a few large teams and great competition from across the Southeast to come to race the GPAC team and made for one of the biggest in recent years. A pair of GPAC ten-year-olds were named the high point winners and many swimmers saw big improvement at the annual meet held at UWF June 1-3.

“Although it was one of the longest meets I can remember, it was awesome to watch the swimmers step up and race some great swims,” said coach Greg Davis. “We kept telling them to be aggressive and make sure they were ready to race the other teams.”

Sara Gray, 10, was named the 10-and-under girls’ high point champion at the meet after winning three individual events, placing second in two others and finishing third in a pair of other events. Sara swam four out of nine personal best times, including a new Southeastern (SES) cut and ‘A’ time in the 200 IM. She also set a new ‘A’ time in the 50m backstroke and her first-ever ‘AA’ time in the 100m breaststroke.

After earning the third-place high point award in Panama City only swimming one day, Ian Malone, 10, claimed the top spot at the weekend’s meet with convincing wins in five of his ten individual events, including a sweep of the backstroke events. Ian finished second in three other events and third in the remaining two. He also swam an impressive 9-out-of-10 personal best times, setting four new ‘AAA’ times (50, 200 fr, 200 IM, 50 bk) and a new ‘AA’ time (100 br).

Although she was unable to compete on the first day of the meet, Megan Corcoran, 12, was very close to edging out the competition for the high point award for her age group. Megan won all six of her individual events on Saturday and Sunday of the meet and set personal best times in all six. Megan set a two new ‘AAAA’ times, one in the 200m IM, where she currently ranks in the top-eight in the country and the other in the 100m free.

Along with these stand-outs, GPAC had several other swimmers win individual events at the meet including Landon Garcia, 9 (50 breaststroke), Claire Han, 13 (50m free), Renee Henderson, 15 (50 fr, 100 br), Sara Lypko, 13 (200 br), Jack Rowell, 14 (1500 fr), Jameson Walker, 12 (100 bk, 400fr), and Nevada Wood, 17 (200 fr, 200 br).

With only two regular-season meets left this summer, the window of opportunity for SES championship qualifying is getting narrower. GPAC had 17 swimmers nab 23 new SES cuts over the weekend. Congratulations to  Alex Birthright, 12 (100 br), Sara Gray, Claire Han (100 bk, 400 fr, 200 IM), Renee Henderson (50 fr), William Henderson, 15 (50 fr), Kevin Herr, 11 (100 fly), Kouper Kraus, 10 (50, 200 fr), Maren Mackey, 14 (200, 400 fr), Sarah Marks, 14 (200 fly), William McNally, 10 (200 IM), Aiden Morgan, 14 (100 bk), Jaydah Phelan, 11 (50 fly), Jack Rowell (400 IM, 1500 fr), Shelby Smith, 12 (50 bk), Jameson Walker (50, 100 fr), and Nevada Wood (50 fr). Special congratulations to Lindsey Rauscher, 14, who put together a great 100m breaststroke race to get her first-ever SES cut.

GPAC also boasted at handful of swimmers who swam all best times at the meet. Congratulations to  Xander Ballmann, 14, Reef Birthright, 8, Ella Jane Hoffmaster, 13, Addison Lee, 11, Sydney London, 14, Kyle Longley, 14, Linden Mason, 10, Owen Mayer, 12, Claire Perez, 9, Emmet Perez, 7, Jack Rowell, Grace Sill, 18, Hannah Trammell, 10, and Cali Wilson, 16.

Congratulations to the many swimmers who posted new motivational times at the meet:

B:            Xander Ballmann, Raiden Brown, Jaysa Ciccone, Gracie Fountain, Lily Green, Callie Harris, JoJo Harris, Kevin Herr, Jordan LaBryer, Addison Lee, Lauren Logan, Bella Loos, Brina Loos, Bailee Luciano, Rylee Maiorino, Shayla Manthey, Kiley Menser, Kobi Menser, Korbin Menser, Jaydah Phelan, Roman Popovich, Abby Robinson, Kaybella Smith, Kirsten van den Berg, Jameson Walker

BB:         Alex Birthright, Taylor Clements, JoJo Harris, Kevin Herr, Max Little, Kyle Longley, Rylee Maiorino, William McNally, Lindsey Rauscher, Jordan Stull, Hudson Trammell, Laurel Kate Voeltz, Jameson Walker, Lily Walker

A:            Braden Barkely, Trinity Devanney, Sara Gray, Sydney London, Sarah Marks, Aiden Morgan, Jaydah Phelan, Jack Rowell, Shelby Smith, Jameson Walker

AA:         Trinity Devanney, Landon Garcia, Sara Gray, Claire Han, William Henderson, Sydney London, Sara Lypko, Ian Malone, Sarah Marks, Jack Rowell, Nevada Wood

AAA:      Landon Garcia, Renee Henderson, Ian Malone, Cali Wilson

AAAA: Megan Corcoran

The team will have two weeks before the 12-and-under swimmers will travel to Auburn again and the older swimmers travel to Sarasota for the first time in 9 years to attend the Sarasota YMCA meet. The final meet at home for GPAC is scheduled for the first weekend in July.