STAR Kick off Results

The Titans sent just over 60 swimmers to the First Long Course Meet at ECC the weekend of June 1st, 2nd, & 3rd swimming fast and having fun! We had some great Relays from all age groups and several swimmers stepped up and pitched in on their first relays as Titans! Great attitudes helped us through the day with the team swimming numerous Best times, nearly 40 new swims, more NI Championship Cuts  and Brady Garcia breaking 9-10 200 breast Team Record! Great effort!

Level 2 had 6 swimmers at the meet. 6 best times and 10 first time swims!  It was Joey Wachowitz and Ava Scirri’s first meet and they both did a fantastic job!  We were proud to see our level 2 swimmers doing freestyle flip turns and are excited to continue working on our backstroke flip turns.  Way to go level 2!

Level 3 had a just a few ambitious swimmers attended the Star meet held this past weekend. Grace Griffin, Alex Kendall, and Jacob Walter had a great meet trying out new events and swimming some best times! Coming off of the Titans meet not too long ago they put in great effort to make it through another long weekend. Our level 3 boys even stepped up to fill in spots on a relay and did a fantastic job. We are very proud of these swimmers that continue to come to practice every day and work hard. Keep up the good work!

Level 4 sent 12 swimmer to the meet and they swam out of this world! We had 9 new events swam, posted 43 best times, helped out on all the relays, with only 2 DQ’s to our credit. Phenomenal swims were provided by everyone with 18 NI Championship meet cuts achieved! Total time drops were amazing only 2 weeks after the Natalie Lewis Meet. We are happy to see Addison Hesch, Lucy Lyons, Campbell Murphy, Merideth Roberts, Maddy Scibetta, and Delilah Winker attempting several 200 Meter events for the first time, as these longer events are challenging but well within Level 4’s capabilities! Congrats to ALL who swam as everyone had time drops and demonstrated some great improvement in technique!

Level 5 sent five swimmers to the meet this past weekend and everyone was able to leave with at least one best time! Impressive swims by Brady Garcia who was able to capture 7 NI championship qualification times and a team record in the 200 Breast as well as Brie Lorenz who dropped 3 seconds in the 100 free while also qualifying for the championship meet. Lila Roeser, Vidya Shah, and Cierra Williams represented level 5 extremely well by trying out new events and longer distance races! We are continuing to focus more on our endurance and racing strategies at practice and it seems to be really paying off at meets. Congratulations to these swimmers! We are looking forward to seeing what level 5 can do as the summer continues!

Level 6 had 12 amazing swimmers represent the team in the 2 and a half day event. We saw 6 new events swam ranging from 200 to 1500 Meters, 43 personal best times, with 3 DQ’s to remind us that focus matters! We had swimmers in every session of the meet step up and swim in relays and did great! A few standout performances were put in by Christopher Signore, who racked up a total of 2450 Meters in competition, and Payton Taylor swam all best times and achieved her first NI Championship cut! Once again everyon has so much to be proud of with all the effort it takes to improve at this point in the season. Great Work to all!

Level 7-8 sent a large group of swimmers and we continued to build on what we are doing in practice and applying to meets. We had some outstanding relays as the kids start to work together to achieve success. Throughout the group we had some tremendous swims highlighted by Alex Switalski with 8 personal best and an NI cut, Carolyn Deboth with and NI cut in 100 fly and 4 personal best, Maddy Fragale 4 personal best, Aidan Morgan 6 personal best, Maya Marcyan 4 personal Best, Lauren Levy 3 personal Best, Natalie Hesch 3 personal best, Jessica Napier 3 personal best, Natalie Fritch 4 personal best and Brandon Garcia with 4 personal best on his way to IMX award. Great Job!!

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