Volunteer Sign Up - Now Open!

The SOSL short course meets are scheduled to begin next week on Tuesday, 6/12/18. The sign up for volunteers is now posted on our home page. Each meet has a "job signup" link. In order to sign up, please select that link and you will be taken to the sign up page. Please keep the following requirements in mind

1. Each family must volunteer for two sessions/meets during the summer. Note: The SOSL Championship Meet is separate from these two requirements. Sign up for the SOSL Championship will be posted when our team requirements are known. The SOSL Championship Meet does not count towards your 2 meet requirements. 

2. At least one of your voluteer requirements must be met at an away meet. 

3. If there is a need for a volunteer to help the meet run successfully, you may be reassigned from your selected/preferred position. 


Please know that running a meet requires a lot of organization and effort for the hosting team. The team appreciates everyone pitching in and filling these positions! 

If you have any questions, please let me or another board member know. 

Karen Sauers