DBS News from the Pool - Volunteers Needed

The DBS Summer Invitational starts tomorrow and we have nearly 100 swimmers from DBS participating in the meet which means we should have all of the volunteer positions filled.  Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are MANY positions that have not been filled which means there are still plenty of opportunities to support the team and your swimmers.

We cannot do this without you!

Click here for    JOB SIGN UP  and click the button on the website to view open positions still available for the DBS Summer Invitational. If you have already signed up, THANK YOU!!!! 

We will have a successful meet with help from all of our families! WE CANNOT CONDUCT SUCCESSFUL MEETS FOR OUR CHILDREN WITHOUT HELP FROM THE PARENTS!  Remember ALL families are required to provide a volunteer for each swimmer you have in the pool.  Please remember to sign in for your jobs once onsite. 

First meet, no problem! You can sit this one out and learn the ropes, but please check to see what food items we need that you could donate to help out.  Remember to check in with our volunteer coordinator in hospitality to let them know it’s your first meet. 


If you choose NOT to volunteer you will be assessed a fine for each child you have in the water for each session they swim. 

  • One Swimmer: Friday Session 1, Saturday Session 4, Sunday Session 7 no volunteer hours = $75.00
  • One Swimmer: Saturday Session 2, Sunday Session 2, but you’ve only signed up to volunteer one day = $25.00
  • One Swimmer: Friday Session 1, Saturday Session 2, Saturday Session 3 Distance, Sunday Session 5, Sunday Session 6 Distance no volunteer hours = $125

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meet next weekend.