10&Under #4 Meet Report

 10&Under #4 Meet Report, Saturday June 2, 2018

Just last weekend OSC lit up the pool once again at the very last 10 and under series of the 2017-2018 season. Dozens of our very own young, up and comers showed off their talents at Fountain Park for what was for many, their last inter-squad meet of the season. The afternoon dual was a great way for the kiddos to show off their hard work throughout the season and show how much progress they’ve made. The theme going into this meet was focused around sportsmanship and resilience. Many of the swimmers had just come from the Silver Cup Invitational just the weekend before and climbed on the blocks just days later to do it all over again.

The afternoon was on display to the over 200 spectators that endured the heat of the pool deck. Dozens of best times were had with a 100% best times by numerous swimmers. Congratulations to those who achieved best times and found success in their racing.

The coaches were thrilled to see the smiling faces and fast times at the last 10 and under series of the year, and they look forward to seeing everyone continue through Northern Provincials and the Blue and White meet with the same positive attitude and excitement they saw at Fountain Park Pool! Way to go O!