GATOR Weekly News

Hello Gators!

Just a few reminders this week - sorry so long, but trying to condense into a single email!  Please read to the bottom!!  
  • Two meets this week - This week we are swimming AT Stillwater on Thursday at 2308 W. 87th Street, Naperville, IL.  Check-in time is 4:30pm.  All swimmers need to arrive at 4:30pm.  Please allow for 10-15 minutes travel and parking time.  Please remember we are the visiting team and are representing our community so please be considerate when parking and be sure to follow their pool rules and instructions on where to sit, etc.  Thank you!

We also have our first home meet at 7:30am on Saturday versus Huntington.  All swimmers need to arrive at 7:30am.  The theme for that meet is Favorite Sports Team/Figure, so show your team spirit as Gator the Pig is up for grabs!  

  • Committing to meets - PLEASE check your commitments to upcoming meets.  We have reached out to those who have missed committing for these first few meets, but now it is time to get it in gear.  You need to commit your swimmer at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to the upcoming meet.  (See the attachment for assistance in committing to a meet)  You don’t want to be showing up to a meet with your child who you forgot to commit and now cannot swim AND you still have to work your job!  Avoid this terrible situation by committing your swimmers now!  
  • Apparel - If you have yet to pick up your apparel from Danielle Minnerick, please reach out ASAP to pick up your goods. Also, she has your team t-shirts if you did not get them at Time Trials.  Don’t miss out on getting your free shirt!!!  Contact Danielle Minnerick at  Caps are on the slow boat (from who knows where) and we’re hoping to receive those by Saturday for the home meet.  


  • Pictures -  Pictures are next MONDAY, June 18th at 7:30am.  If you were at time trials, you should have received a picture form to fill out and give to the photographer on Monday (if you are choosing to do individual pictures).  These will also be available day of, but feel free to reach out to Stephanie Cartwright - - if you are looking for those ahead of time.  Please arrive promptly on Monday and wear your Gator suit/shirt.  Practices will resume as scheduled after pictures are complete.  (13&up swimmers should only show up to pictures - not at 7am) 


  • Awards - We are beginning to order our plates/plaques for swimmers for the end of the year.  New swimmers receive a plaque and returning swimmers receive a plate to hang from their existing plaque.  We need YOU to double check the spelling of your child’s name by June 14th.  Go under “My Account” then click “My Account” again to make sure your swim members are correct in the computer system.  Also, if you missed ordering extra plates for your swimmer last year, contact to get these ordered.  They should be approximately $3.50 per plate.  


  • Social - Thank you to those who contributed raffle prizes to make Time Trials extra fun - including Colleen CreedonLauren RiceElizabeth HigginsEmily WieshuberLaura Kota BarretoDonna Boesche Marx, and Colleen Haas Zeitler's sister in law (who was excited to donate all the way from Singapore!)!! Without your generosity, the raffle could not have happened - so thank you all so much!!  If you were unable to attend Time Trials, and therefore do not have your Gator baseball hat, please contact Leslie Ruffing at  so you can come pick it up.


  • Championship t-shirts - For those interested in ordering their Classic and City shirts ahead of time, see the attachment for ordering information.  Apparently the shirts sold out last year, so fill out the order form and return to Nancy Peske - - with your checks made out to “Ashbury Alligators” if you are interested.  


  • Private lessons - Are you interested in getting your swimmer some one-on-one time to improve their strokes, starts, turns, or comfort in the water?  Our coaches are available to do one-on-one lessons with your swimmers!  Just go to the “Coaches” tab on the top left of the site and there is a list of our coaches that you can contact via email.  The going rate is $15/half hour (cash) and coaches meet you at the Ashbury pool for lessons.  


Thanks for reading through all of that!  Contact us if you have any questions and GO COMMIT/DECLINE YOUR SWIMMERS!!