Glenwood Diving: Gearing up for Glenwood vs Flower Valley!


Hello Dive Families!                                                                                    Friday, June 15

This is it – school is out and summer is in! As we roll into our first dive meet this weekend, here are super essential things to know –

Meet volunteers: This is when your dive reps start to sweat. We need a couple of more slots filled. Please help us run a smooth meet. All jobs are easy for first timers and seasoned families alike!

Concessions (2nd half): We need two. This is simple, it’s out of the sun, you can still see the divers, and can move closer if your diver is also in the 2nd half (13-18yr olds). Time is roughly 5:30-7:00pm depending on how the meet runs.

Griller: This isn’t on our Jobs sign up but we need some help getting our hot items on the grill at the start of the meet. Come by for a bit and it will be hugely appreciated! We have hot dogs and pre-made chicken skewers. Once we have them wrapped and in the heat trays, you’re good to go. Can you help? Email us and let us know!

Table worker (2nd half): We need one. This is also simple and a great place to watch the meet in the shade! Table workers record the dive scores and fill out ribbons. Easy job, our Meet Secretary, Traci Vagnucci will bring you right up to speed! Time is roughly 5:30 – 7:00, depending on how the meet runs.

Friday practice: This is our final practice before the meet! Divers will run through their dives and sign their dive sheets. If you are away today but diving on Sunday, our coaches will have the sheets handy to sign during Sunday warm ups. If you are away this weekend, we’ll miss you! Please help our coaches plan for the meet and let them know, and/or update your diver’s availability in Team Unify (select the Edit Commitment button for each meet).

Sunday meet, GW vs FV: Woo hoo! Our first meet is at home which is really great for our divers! 12& unders plan to arrive at 2:45 in order to warm up promptly at 3:00. We turn the boards over to our guests at 3:30, and begin the meet as close to 4:00 as possible. A separate email will give an overview of the meet and how they run. 13-18s warm up at the break after 11-12 boys (ribbons for 12& under are awarded during the break). We have a great turn out of new divers this year – come cheer them on! If you’re new to diving, plan to stick around for the 2nd half and cheer our 13-18s; you’ll be in for some great diving! In addition to our famous Glenwood Grill, we will have Glenwood’s own shaved ice guys on deck with their new cart!

Our divers have been working hard and learning so much these past weeks! Thanks for helping them get to practice during the crazy schedules at the end of the school year! Some have asked about lessons – our coaches are happy to arrange times directly. See Noah, Haley, Dermot or Clara around the dive well.

That’s it for now, but likely a bit more to come as we gear up for Sunday! And, if we miss you over Father’s Day, we’ll see you at Fun Day Monday when we move to the Summer Morning or Afternoon practice schedule!