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BYST Bulletin - June 2018

BYST BULLETIN – June, 15 2018


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This is the final BYST Bulletin of the 2017/2018 swim season.  We have an extremely busy last couple weeks of the regular season.  We still have regular practices on Monday, June 25 and Tuesday, June 26.  Our final day of the regular season will be Wednesday, June 27, however, it will only be from 6:30-8pm with Coach Rick, so all Senior, Age Group and Jr. Masters are invited to participate in some fun relays to cap off the season! 

We have four swimmers representing the BYST at Ontario Festival this weekend in Markham.  Good luck to Caelen, Austin, Ethan and Joey!  Special mention goes out to Maeve for qualifying for the meet, but unfortunately, she won’t be participating due to a broken arm.  Follow the boys as they race against the best 13 & under swimmers in the Province at and/or watch them live on

Next week we will have some practices at the Kinsmen Outdoor Pool at 151 Dundas St. E, instead of the QSWC (weather dependent and an email will be sent by 2pm if we revert to the QSWC).  S1 will practice there on Tuesday, June 19 from 4:30-6pm, all AG1, AG2 and AG3 practice will practice there on Wednesday, June 20 from 5-6:30pm (no dry-land) and all S1 and S2 will practice there on Thursday, June 21 from 4:30-6pm.

Summer training will begin Monday, July 2.  This is mainly for the Senior swimmers, but anyone attending Provincial Open Water Championships and/or the Burlington Outdoor Long Course Invitational are welcome to join any practice during the first week.  The Summer Training Schedule can be found HERE


BYST Season Finale

Today is the deadline for the BYST Season Finale Meet, which takes place Saturday, June 23 with warm up beginning at 8:30am.  Please commit online if you haven’t already.  Entries have been posted (please contact your coach if you have any questions) and more details about the meet can be found HERE

Following the end of the meet, we will be running an ADULT relay.  It will be a 4 x 50 free and ALL parents, coaches and Masters swimmers are invited to participate.  We are estimating it to happen around noon.  Please bring your swim suit, goggles (borrow them from your child if needed) and get ready to have some fun in the pool!


BYST Banquet

On Friday, June 22 we will be holding our end of the season awards banquet at St. Theresa’s Secondary School.  It is a pot-luck event and you can arrive around 5:30pm (swimmers will eat first, beginning before 6pm).  Please notify your coach if you are unable to attend.  Thank you to the organizing committee of Michelle Doling, Nicole Isbester, Jennifer Mack, Tamer Mecky, Judy Tromp and Kerri Wilson.  More details about the event can be found HERE


Eastern Ontario Regional Long Course Championships / BYST In-House Meet

The BYST placed 6th overall at Regional Championships with 39 swimmers representing the Belleville area well.  The team brought back 24 medals (4 gold, 12 silver and 8 bronze).  It was an exciting weekend and the coaches were proud of the athletes’ performances.  The week prior to the meet, the BYST held an In-House Competition (Time Trial) with excellent racing.  Results for both meets can be found HERE


Upcoming Meets



The fundraiser is complete and we raised a total of $7515!  The final swimmers completed their 200 laps yesterday and results can be found HERE

The top ten fundraisers were Samantha Stolte, Logan Hicks, Caelen Calder, Eszter Szasz, Shayla Coe, Joey West, Nathan Mack, Mya Rezac, Lilah Harvey and Quinn Vanderwal.  The top fundraisers by group are:  S1 – Adam Bouma, S2 – Alexa Buchanan, AG1 – Shayla Coe, AG2 – Caelen Calder, AG3 – Samantha Stolte and Jr. BYST – Logan Hicks.

Samantha, Logan, Caelen, Eszter, Shayla, Joey and Nathan will have the opportunity to race Coach Brandon in a 25m freestyle following the meet next weekend (Mya, Lilah and Quinn are alternates).

Logan Hicks will help Coach Kristin design a warm up and pick a fun game at one of the last practices of the season.

Coach Joyce has arranged a time for a one on one session with Samantha Stolte.


Cancelled Practices

  • Friday, June 22 – due to the BYST Banquet
  • Saturday, June 23 – due to the BYST Season Finale Meet

(Last day of regular season programming is Wednesday, June 27 and it is open to all Senior, Age Group and Jr. Masters swimmers from 6:30-8pm only)


Burlington Outdoor Long Course Invitational

This is the last team meet of the season and is open to everyone.  If you are interested, please register before the deadline of Tuesday, June 19.  We don’t have many 50m outdoor pools in Ontario and this opportunity is a great competition to take advantage of.  It would be nice to bring a large team to this meet so please strongly consider attending the event.  It’s a perfect way to finish off the swim season!  More details can be found HERE


Other Notes

  • The S1 practice on Tuesday, June 19 and the S1 & S2 practice on Thursday, June 21 have been moved to the Kinsmen Outdoor Pool from 4:30-6pm both days (weather dependent).
  • All AG1, AG2 and AG3 swimmers will practice at the Kinsmen Outdoor Pool from 5-6:30pm on Wednesday, June 20 from 5-6:30pm (weather dependent).
  • Please remember to take your mesh bags home following your last practice.  Any leftover bags will be thrown in the storage room and the team will not be responsible for any damage to the equipment over the summer.
  • Camp Akomac for girls and Camp Chikopi for boys (Coach Brandon attended many, many years ago) are both great summer swim camps up in northern Muskoka.  If you are looking for some extra swimming this summer, these are great options!
  • The Senior Bike Ride tomorrow will go from the QSWC to the bike path that follows the river, all the way down the waterfront.  Some swimmers will easily complete the entire route, while other will turn around early and come back.  A map of the planned route can be found HERE


90 Percent or Above Attendance in May

Adrian Black, Adam Case, Logan Hicks, Kinsley Holoway, Rafik Jiwa, Quintin Lichty, Alexandra MacDonald, Nathan Mack, Brendan MacQuarrie, Fayrouz Mecky, Logan Moreau, Magdelan Mullins, Lauren Redden, Mya Rezec, Nara Rickard, Alexis Terrington, Quinn Vanderwal, Maisie Walsh, Austin Williams, Ethan Williams and Logan Wood



With only a couple weeks left of the spring 2018 session, Jr. BYST coaches want to congratulate all athletes on such an incredible session.  As a program we saw phenomenal improvements across the board.  A reminder that the banquet is June 22nd.  We look forward to celebrating another wonderful year with all Jr. BYST swimmers and their families!  We also encourage everyone to attend our final meet of the season on June 23rd.  Swimmers should be on deck for 8:15am to activate for 8:30am warm up.  Please let Coach Kristin know if you have any questions at

On a final note, I am sad to say this will be my final session with the BYST as I have started a full time human resource position in Kingston.  Over the past two years this team has become my family and I am so grateful for all the coaches, swimmers and parents who have made coaching with the team such a wonderful experience.  I can’t even begin to express the immense gratitude I have for coach Brandon, coach Joyce and coach Rick for being the greatest mentors and team, and for supporting me through every turn of the Jr. BYST program.  I know the Jr. BYST program will continue to thrive under the guidance of our tenured coaches Amy, Nikki, Jenna and Tommy, and I can’t wait to see what our amazing athletes will do in the future!  Swimming has made my life so incredibly rich and I can’t thank everyone enough for the experiences and memories over the past two seasons. 

Coach Kristin 



Since our last update Age Group Swimmers have attended 2 meets.  April 23rd we held our own 2018 Spring Time Trial where we had 33 swimmers swim 2 to 3 events, then off to the 2018 Eastern Ontario Long Course Regional Championship June 1st to 3rd in Nepean with 15 swimmers.  These 2 meets gave us 12 new Club Records, 2 new Regional Qualifiers and 2 new Festival Qualifier.  At Regionals we achieved 1 – 1st place, 4 – 2nd place and 1 – 3rd place finishes.  The two meets gave us 123 Personal Best Times out of 168 swims taking a total of 540.09 seconds or 9 minutes off.  Fantastic!!!

Congratulation to all swimmers achieving 80% plus attendance in May:

Lina Brennan, Shayla Coe, Jayden MacDonald, Brendan MacQuarrie, Lauren MacQuarrie, Kiera McGrath, Fayrouz Mecky, Sophie O’Neill, Ella Rickard, Carley Short, Austin Williams, Ethan Williams, Quinn Vanderwal, 

This weekend I am off to Ontario Summer Festivals June 15-17 with 4 swimmers.  The following weekend we have our Awards Banquet on Friday June 22nd and our BYST Season Finale Swim Meet June 23rd.   For any swimmers 12 & over who are interested in Open Water there is the Ontario Open Water Championships in Brampton July 4th.  We have added a new meet July 7-8 at the outdoor pool in Burlington which would be a great way to close out your year.  If you are planning on attending, please make sure that you sign up on line no later than June 19th.

Please direct any Age Group related questions to Joyce Downey at or text me at 613-661-7131.

Coach Joyce



What an amazing finish to our regular season!  We are headed into “playoff” time with Ontario Festivals, Provincial Championships, Ontario AA Championships, Provincial Open Water Championships, Canadian Jr. National Championships and Irish Summer National Championships.  In addition, we have our own BYST Season Finale meet next weekend with a large portion of the team participating, plus there is a unique outdoor meet in Burlington July 7-8 at a brand new 50m pool, which will serve as our last team meet of the season.  Although it’s considered to be summer next week, there is still plenty of racing left for the BYST.

I applaud the Senior swimmers for working so hard in June.  I’ve never witnessed such effort displayed during the last month of school.  I’m very impressed with the positive attitudes as we go forth into championship month.  It doesn’t matter what I throw at the athletes, they continually rise to the challenge and get the job done.  With less than a couple weeks to go before Provincial and Ontario AA Championships, there will be plenty of tough sets mixed with some fun relays (disguised work).  Please manage your time wisely so you can attend as many practices as possible during exams. Also, it was great to see the swimmers have fun together at the annual Senior Breakfast and I hope everyone is excited for the Senior Bike Ride tomorrow morning!

As we head into next season, I foresee many positive things for the BYST’s future.  It will be a new era, with the next wave of Seniors producing more Regional, Provincial and National qualifiers, plenty of exceptional Age Group swimmers reaching new heights and the strongest group of Jr. BYST swimmers we’ve ever had.  I am grateful to be able to coach such a phenomenal team.  As the athletes’ blossom in and out of the pool, I feel proud to be part of a program that helps build character, enhances work ethic and teaches time management.  Competitive swimming is a demanding sport and we are lucky to have so many wonderful athletes dedicate so much time to training and racing throughout a long season.  

Coach Brandon

(613) 661-SWIM (7946)


Rick’s Rant

As another great season comes to an end I look back to where all you swimmers we’re both physically and mentally in September.  Most were not in peak physical condition and after the summer most were not mentally prepared for both school and swimming.  You have all worked extremely hard this year and your meet results are proof of that.  Right now, as athletes you are in top form and deserve a bit of a break but remember how hard it was when you first came back in September.  During your break try and keep both your body and mind active so you’re not dying those first few practices next year.

Enjoy your Break

Coach Rick