Tadpole and Minnows Meet Series

Dear Families,

We are planning some summer fun for our Tadpoles and Minnow groups!  An informal, fun series of mini-meets.

Where: Westside Natatorium

When: Tuesdays June 19, July 3 and July 17  

What time: 5:00-6:30 pm

We need a few volunteers to helps us handout ribbons to the kids after each race.  Also needed, are a few bags of candy or other small prizes that can be put into goody bags for the kids at the end of the meet.  

Please bring the candy and/or prizes to the meet on Tuesday and Mrs. Gurovich and Mrs. Williams will help sort it all out for the kids.

How will it work? - Senior swimmers will help the tadpoles and minnows out to the middle of the pool.  From there the kids will race to the wall.  Everyone will receive a ribbon for each race.  For subsequent meets, the kids will start further away from the wall.  Hopefully, by the 3rd meet, everyone will be racing all the way across the pool.

Why are we doing this? - We are a competitive swim team.  This is meant as a fun and exciting introduction to racing.  No pressure to go fast, no worries about getting disqualified.  This is all about having fun and participating in your team.  

Please help us with candy and prize donations, or help us hand out ribbons.  Let's make it a fun day for our youngest swimmers!!

Thanks for all you do!