ePOI UH Sr Champs Meet

Parents- This email is going to all parents who have a swimmer whom might attend the Sr. Champs meet at UH this year. Due to recent policy changes at UH all adults on the pool deck must go through UH's own online ePOI training to certify them safe for the pool deck. While coaches and officials already do this to maintain USA Certifications, UH's policies applies to timers as well. As a result all RICE timers must be certified prior to the meet date to time. We are estimated for 2 chairs in 1 lane for the entirety of the meet. I have attached all the links for certification provided by GULF Swimming. The process typically takes up to a week after submitting so please do not wait till the week of the meet. If RICE or any other team does not have enough timers the swimmers on deck will be pulled to time. If you successfully did the course for the May meet you do not need to repeat the process for this meet.

Even with this being a Sr. level meet and swimmers eligible to drive, if entered an Adult will be expected to time at minimum one timing slot per session.

UH hosted a day of certification at the May Open due to the timing of this information getting out. They will not be hosting a similar event for the July meet.

Instructions on how to submit your ePOI form:

  • Complete an ePOI form with unique identifier (either Driver’s License with Country and State of issue or SSN) and send to
  • In 5-7 business days after submission, look in your email for emails from UH with the following information
    • Cougarnet (usually your first letter of first name and last name)
    • PeopleSoft (numbers)
    • Temporary Password
  • Log in to TAP using your Cougarnet and temporary password. There will be two icons available to you; PEAR and TAP.
  • Please click the TAP icon and the Child Protection Training should be loaded in there to complete.
  • If you do not receive the information above in email, please do the following
    • Contact if you do not haveyour Cougarnet and
    • You can use your Cougarnet to complete the password wizard if you did not
      receive a temporary password, and it will send a new auto generated password
      sent to your email. Your will need your PeopleSoft ID number to do this. The
      link for the password wizard is
    • If you have issues with the password wizard, please call the UIT help desk at
      713-743-1411. If you do, please ask for one of the following individuals: Ivey
      Davis, Amy Ma, Maricela Rodriguez, Gloria Reed or Rafael Arroyo.

The ePOI form for the adults:

See you at the pool,

Coach Jason