PCSC Diving Clinic
T2 Aquatics would like to invite all PCSC Teams (Coaches and Swimmers or just Swimmers?) to come to the Norris Pool on Monday June 25th from 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM for a Diving Clinic.  No registration needed - no fees - just come on by.
We have 16 diving blocks available at the pool and are planning on having T2 Staff at the pool ready to help athletes with diving.  Off the side, off the starting blocks - whatever is appropriate for each athlete.  We will have some video available - of both amazing divers to watch on our TV as well as using cameras to possibly videotape athletes to show them where the next step to improve is if we feel that is needed.  
The main goal is to get everyone comfortable with the next step in their dives.  We will help beginners who might be a little nervous about diving off the side or off the blocks and we will also be able to fine tune someone who already has the basics down.  PCSC Coaches are welcome to attend as well.  Just to check it out or to jump in and help their athletes!!
All Paradise Coast Swim Conference athletes and coaches are welcome.  If anyone has specific questions they can email Tom Yetter at  See you on the 25th!
Monday June 25th from 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM