Marlins Newsletter - 6.18.18

Table of Contents

  1. Practice Changes & Updates
  2. TYR Meet Preview
  3. Raffle Info - TYR Meet
  4. June Stroke Clinics
  5. Canoe Outing - National & Blue Groups
  6. Masters Meet Recap - Sat June 16
  7. Upcoming Events / Deadlines
  8. Quote

Practice Changes / Updates

Any upcoming changes will be communicated directly by your Lead Site Coach, also be sure to review your location’s Google Calendar at -> Locations.

  • Keating​​​​
    • ​Thurs June 21 (TYR Meet)
      • ​No PM workouts
    • ​Fri June 22 & Sat June 23 (TYR Meet)
      • ​No workouts
    • ​Mon Jun 25 (Day after TYR)
      • ​National, Blue 1, Blue 2...7:30-9a only.  Canoe Outing after practice, no PM workout.  NKU Blue Groups invited to Keating.
      • All other groups - No practice.
  • ​Sycamore​​​
    • ​No Red workouts Monday June 25
  • ​NKU
    • ​See your coach
    • ​Mon June 25 (Day after TYR)
      • ​Blue workouts moved to Keating, 7:30-9a swim only.  Canoe outing following practice!  
      • No Red practices

TYR Meet - Preview

223 Marlin teammates and a host of visiting teams will be competing this Thurs-Sun at the TYR Sport Summer Classic, our biggest & fastest meet of the Long Course season!  Warm-up schedules, psych sheets, and notes will be posted shortly.

A few highlights:  

- Thanks so much in advance to all of our great volunteers that make these events possible!  Separate from the raffle this weekend, a Volunteer Appreciation Drawing will be held at each session.

- Note the shirt colors by day.

- Keep an eye out for a special visiting team, Team Puerto Rico!

Click Here for meet page, also under the Events tab online.

Raffle Info - TYR Meet

Hello all, 
The Cincinnati Marlins TYR meet is right around the corner which means it is time for the annual Cincinnati Marlins Booster Raffle. Members seem to love to take a chance on winning volunteer sessions for an entire year or a $500 credit towards their dues!  We have had other great prizes donated such as a $100 gift card to Denny McKeown’s Bloomin Garden Centre & Landscaping, Cincinnati Reds tickets, Kings Island tickets, TYR items, multiple family game items from Dicks Sporting Goods and much more. Tickets will be available for purchase at the meet or you may prepurchase your tickets. Any family that prepurchases their raffle tickets between now and midnight Thursday, June 21 will be eligible for an Early Bird Raffle basket donated by Montgomery Inn. 
Prepurchase tickets and Early Bird Raffle eligible:
Sign into your account on webpage
Go to Events on lower right side of webpage
Sign up like you are signing for a meet
Enter the number of tickets and total amount in comment box
We will fill out your tickets so you are eligible for Early Bird Raffle and actual raffle. Early Bird drawing will take place Friday a.m. 
Ticket charge will be billed to your account
Meet Weekend tickets:
Visit the Cincinnati Marlins Booster table located upstairs Friday, Saturday and Sunday a.m. or p.m. sessions
Pay by charging your account, check or cash
Winners will be drawn Sunday at finals
Work Hard, Dream Big and as always….Go Marlins!
6th Annual Cincinnati Marlin Boosters Raffle

Tickets:  $25 each; 3 for $50; 7 for $100 or 20 for $200: Drawing will be held Sunday, June 24, 2018

Early Bird Raffle: Any family that purchases their tickets via Team-unify & charges their account before midnight Thursday, June 21st will be entered in the Early Bird Raffle of a Cincinnati basket from Montgomery Inn

Grand Prize:  All volunteer sessions for the 2018/2019 Season & Cincinnati Marlins YETI

Value: Priceless

2nd prize:  $500 credit towards your 2018/2019 Dues & Cincinnati Marlins YETI

Value: $530

3rd prize:  2 Kings Island tickets, TYR tote, TYR backpack, TYR waterproof bag, TYR water bottle, TYR socks, TYR towel, TYR wet/dry holder, swim magnet & Cincinnati Marlins YETI

Value: $400

4th prize:  $100 Gift Certificate to Denny McKeown’s Bloomin Garden Centre & Landscaping, TYR hyper-dry towel, TYR socks, Swim Shampoo and Conditioner, TYR hat, TYR towel, TYR mesh bag, Swim Cap, Swim bag clip & Cincinnati Marlins YETI.

Value: $315

5th prize:  Cincinnati Reds tickets, TYR tote, TYR backpack, cap, TYR mesh bag, TYR towel, swim magnet & Cincinnati Marlins YETI.

Value: $285

6th prize:  TYR kick-board, towel, Swim Bag clip, TYR wet/dry bag, goggles, buoy badge, USA cap, additional caps,

TYR bottle, TYR towel, TYR swim rings, swim Sammy, TYR bag & Cincinnati Marlins YETI

Value: $200

7th prize:  Badminton set, OGO disk family game, TYR water bottle, TYR towel, Hover Ball, character swim caps & Cincinnati Marlins YETI.

Value: $175

8th prize:  Swim Rings, Junk Ball, TYR towel, Wicked Ball, Wicked Pong & Cincinnati Marlins YETI.

Value: $170

9th prize:  Red, white and blue chair, TYR towel, TYR mesh backpack, star kick ball, TYR bottle, TYR kick-board, assortment of caps & Cincinnati Marlins YETI.

Value: $160

10th prize:  TYR goggles, assorted caps, TYR squeeze bottle, TYR socks, TYR dive rings, TYR hat, TYR mesh bag, TYR towel & Cincinnati Marlins YETI

Value: $150

We would like to thank all donors to our raffle:  Denny McKeown’s Bloomin Garden Centre & Landscaping, Kings Island, SwimVille, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cincinnati Reds, Montgomery Inn & TYR.

Questions: email

**The value of the 2nd prize cannot exceed 50% of proceeds collected from the sale of tickets.  In the event that value of the prize is greater than 50% of the proceeds, 50% of the proceeds will be awarded as the 2nd prize.

Stroke Clinics - June 2018

What:  Cincinnati Marlins Stroke Clinics

When:  Wednesdays (June 613, 20, 27) & Friday June 29.  Wednesdays are 1-2p, the Friday (Starts/Turns) is 1-2:30p.

Where:  Keating Natatorium, St. Xavier High School.  616 West North Bend Road, 45224.

Cost:  $10

Who:  Open to Marlins members and non-members.  Do you swim for a summer team and want to attend a brief session for some stroke tips?  Are you a competitive swimmer who wants to take the next step?  This is for you!  

How to sign up:   Marlins - sign up online as you would a normal swim meet.  Non Marlins -   Click Here !  Signup & payment (cash or check) will also be accepted at the door.

Canoe Outing - National & Blue Groups

Who:  All National and Blue Groups

What:  Annual Canoe Outing, day after TYR!

When:  Monday June 25 (day after TYR).  All National & Blue Groups will swim 7:30-9a at Keating, and then head to the canoe outing!

Click Here for info.

Masters Meet Recap - Sat June 16

The Marlins Masters team competed in their first meet since the program was restarted in October. 

Marlins coaches Hailey Olson, Dominic Pecze and David Albert were joined by Ross Battoclette as the four competed at the Miami Redfins Masters Long Course.

Any potential new members interested in joining the Masters program, please feel free to check out the website or contact Coach David - . All levels of experience welcome!

Upcoming Events / Deadlines




Sign Up Deadline

CM TYR Sport Summer Invite.  Keating. June 21-24 All National, Blue and Red Groups Passed
Canoe Outing. Mon June 25 All National & Blue Groups. Sun June 24
Open Water Invite.  Oxford, Oh. Wed June 27 Red 2 & Above Passed
Regional Champs.  Keating. July 6-8 Ages 14 & Under slower than Junior Olympic Time Standards Fri, June 22
Senior Meet.  Denison U. July 12-15 Ages 15+ Mon June 25
Junior Olympics.  Oxford, Oh. July 19-22. Ages 14 & Under with qualifying times. Mon, July 9
Sectionals.  Cleveland, Oh. July 19-22 Any ages with qualifying times. Sun July 1
Beckett Ridge Invite.  West Chester, Oh. Sat July 21 Red 3, Red 4

Sun July 1

Quote:  “You have power over your mind, not outside events.  Realize this, and you will find strength." - Marcus Aurelius

**If you have any great swimming or generally motivational quotes, please forward to Coach Ryan!  Always looking for more..