NEW LOGO - New apparel

NEW LEAD: Our Apparel Lead is Mary Bello. We are fortunate to have her in this important role.

NEW LOGO: In combination with MediaFish Creative, a new logo was designed for the 2018 season and beyond. The new design and apparel for the team were approved by your board of directors at our last meeting. It will soon display on this message.

ONLY REQUIREMENT: According to current guidelines, the only mandatory item for the MEETs is the swimming cap. Most swimmers wear the official swimming suit for uniformity and easy identification while in the busy pool deck and in the pool, and to enhance the sense of teamwork. Same applies to t-shirts for parents, leaders, coaches, and family members. We are thinking of adding a baseball cap.... later. 

OLD CAPS: We have on stock at the Rancho pool facility several silicon caps with the old logo which will be available, free of charge, for practices only.

Registration for new and returning swimmers is now open.