Summer HOD


Hello Wyoming Swimming HOD members,
The Summer BOD 07/22/17 minutes contain a motion that was made, discussed and passed by the BOD to change the date of the Winter Championships since WHSA Boys season ended so much earlier than it had been in the past.
The motion was: 
" The  WSI Winter Championships will be held the first full weekend of March" 
the remainder of the existing policy was not changed or deleted 
"taking into account the dates of any USA Swimming zone or sectional championships.”  
The next day, 7/22/17, at the HOD mtg where meet dates are selected, to the best of my recollection, Phil Rehard addressed this issue and I believe there was a unanimous vote that the change be made.  Thus the date for 2018 Winter Champs was the first full weekend in March 2018.
Unfortunately, the above while in the BOD minutes is not included in the minutes of the HOD 7/22/17.
As WSI General Chair, I would like to encourage all clubs and WSI Board members to send your vote to accept the first weekend of March for 2019 so that clubs putting in bids for the meet can arrange for hotel room blocks ASAP. 
Votes need to be sent to no later than June 25.
If there needs to be more discussion about future Winter Champs dates I would welcome discussion and proposals leading up to the November HOD.
Thank you,
Cindy O'Dwyer
General Chair WSI