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Impressive Finish for Aquajets at the 2018 HOBC Finale
Our Novice swimmers  competed in the 2018 HOBC Finale on May 27th  at the  Wayne Gretzsky Sports Centre in Brantford. The meet was hosted by the Brantford Aquatic Club and saw 81 CAJ swimmers compete against swimmers from the Brantford, Hamilton and Oakville Aquatic Clubs.   
Caitlyn Ammendolia earned 1st, Declan Bithell earned 2nd, Peyton Brazil earned 1st and 2nd, Jewel Buckley earned two 1st, a 2nd and 3rd, Henley Bullock earned 3rd, Ciara Caron earned 2nd, Kaylee Cody-Hodgson earned two 2nd and a 3rd, Gabiel Dyer earned two 1st, Paige Fitzpatrick earned 2nd and 3rd, Noah Freitas earned 1st, Tyler Hawbolt earned two 1st and a 2nd, Ariel Heeley earned 2nd, Mikayla Heeley earned 1st and two 2nd, Billy Kenny earned two 2nd and a 3rd, Alicia Lazar earned 2nd and three 3rd, Aisha McIntyre earned two 1st, a 2nd and 3rd, Kyra McIntyre earned three 2nd and a 3rd, Ainsley Murdoch earned a1st, 2nd and 3rd, Hailey Murdoch earned two 1st, a 2nd and 3rd, Eile Pagan earned three 1st and a 2nd, Cadyn Parsons earned a1st, 2nd and 3rd, Israel Pilkington earned 3rd, Samuel Pilkington earned two 1st and a 2nd, Preston Priboj earned 1st, Egon Rakottyal earned 1st and two 2nd, Kallista Reis earned a 2nd, Noah Roth earned three 1st, Emily Valerio earned a 1st, Laura Wilson earned two 3rd, Chloe Woodfield earned a 3rd and Audrey Zeilstra earned two 1st and a 2nd.  Finishing in the Top 10 : Rhien Bullock, Andreea Cotor, Madalyn Dagloria Lily Dixon, Grace Dobbie, Maggie Foote, Ashley Gould, Spencer Howlett, Owen Inglis, Kate Kennedy, Jeremy Krebsz, Sergiu Lazar, Noah Peters, Sarah Lemke, Jenna McLaughlin, Maia Montanaro, Brianne Paquette, Aaron Pecaskie, Albert Taylor, Sophia Valerio, Michael Webster, and Michael Yakoub.  Winning 1st for the 50m x 4 freestyle relay were the teams of: Priboj, Woodfield, Mackenzie and Hawbolt and Parsons, Taylor, McIntyre and Roth.  Securing 2nd were the teams of: Rakottyai, Lemeke, McIntyre and Kenny  and Murdoch, Rasheed, Heeley and Pilkington; and locking in a 3rd place finish was the team of Howlett, Gould, Reis and Brazil.