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Open Water Select Camp Qualifiers
Athletes achieving top four finishes in their respective age group events at this years South Carolina Open Water State Championships have been invited to participate in this year's Open Water Select Camp.  This is South Carolina's initial invitation.  Additional swimmers may be invited as some swimmers are unable to participate.   The Registration Declaration Deadline is July 1st.  If you know you are not going, or are not interested please inform Coach Big Show ASAP so he can invite the next athlete on the list. 
The list of top four finishers is below:
11-12 Boys 
Joseph Frye CS
Devin Council TG
Justin Hafner SCSC
Carson Owens SCSC
11-12 Girls 
Hayden Penny YSSC
Sarah Howard MRC
Katie Vandergrift SCSC
Slyvia Walker TG 
13-14 Boys 
Thomas Gladwell SMRT
Giacomo Mezzogori TG
Andrew Schutt YSSC
Nils Bognar TG
13-14 Girls
Elizabeth Loudermilk AAYM
Charlotte Stull YSSC
Jennifer Shoemaker RAYS
Caitlin Mason SCSC
15-18 Boys 
Ethan Caldwell SCSC
Silas Crosby TG
Davis Caldwell SCSC
Zach Moody SCSC
15-18 Girls 
Cara Bognar TG
Audra McSharry TG
Riley Parker TG
Hannah Ownbey YSSC
Additional Details
When:  September 7-9, 2018
Where: Seven Lakes/Pinehurst Area (Lake Echo)
Cost: $275
There will be more details forthcoming as we near the camp, for now we are trying to get folks signed up as quickly as possible. Your promptness and attention is greatly appreciated in this effort. One piece of information I do know now, we will MEET in Pinehurst, in years past we met in Greenville then rode up together. This year athletes will arrive and be picked up from Pinehurst at the beginning and end of the camp. 
If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Big Show: with any and all questions. 
Congratulations to all, I hope to see you all in Pinehurst this September!