Team Email 6-21-18

Welcome to Summer!!

The season really only has about 6 weeks left, so let’s get ready for long course & summer conditioning! 

We will get to why LCM workouts & consistent workout attendance are so important to long term development after these announcements:

  1. Please make sure you have a reliable form of communication established in the Website/Team Unify system. This helps us communicate in times of practice changes or cancellations as well as emergency meet information like timer needs etc.
    1. Set up a phone number to receive SMS (text) notifications in the system
    2. Sync up your group(s) calendar with your phone - instructions are on the website
    3. Set up to receive tweets from Twitter. Text “Follow @ntaquatics” to 40404 to receive tweets to your phone. You do not need a Twitter account to do this.
  2. Placements for the fall season will be communicated no later than July 20th as tryouts for the fall season for new athletes will be July 23 & 24th.  Registration for 2018-19 Fall season will open July 2nd for returning athletes and will close August 8th.
  3. Our season-ending swim meets and WP competitions have looming deadlines - please declare your intent to participate as soon as possible so that we can have accurate communication with those coaches and athletes. We have had a few embarrassing miscues this month and we’d like to avoid that moving forward.


Long course practices and consistent workout attendance are vital in the summer, even if you’re not super competitive - because it gives you a leg up on your fall/winter sports. Long course gives swimmers a chance to really address major stroke issues because without turns, the stroke technique itself becomes more important. That, in addition to the increased pool time can really affect aerobic conditioning down the road. Your first Long Course season may not be 100% the season of your dreams, but it will dramatically affect long term development as a swimmer.


As for attending workouts - whether it is swim or polo - the more consistently you are in the water, the more readily your body can make changes and adjustments down the road by creating more effective neural pathways and stronger muscle memory. Without significant school/work commitments, it’s easier to make workouts happen and train your body to be comfortable in the water. Also, when you make the extra effort to attend a workout - it pays off both physiologically and psychologically.  In Water Polo, it’s especially important to be consistent in workout because learning the team dynamic is paramount to our future success and if everyone isn’t present it’s difficult to create a successful long-term team culture.