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Raptor Update 6/22

Hi Raptor Families!  Lots of good stuff below -- please read!


Saturday 6/23  Meet - away vs. Huntington

Please note: Huntington is a "rare gem" in Naperville - being one of the last 20 yard pools to still exist.  Please note that the times given by the timers will then be converted to generate their official NSC times.  As a guide, you can multiply the timers' time by 1.3 to get close to what the official time will be.  Huntington has provided a few other details for us (parking, team area, etc)  -- I have included it here:

Important Info on the Huntington Meet (from Huntington)

Parking: We have a very small parking lot.  Our team families will park on neighborhood streets around the pool and leave the entire lot open for the you, the visiting team.  There will be a volunteer parent in the lot to assist you and accommodate as many cars as possible.  However, If the lot fills up, there is more parking in on the surrounding neighborhood streets.  (See attached map:  /recnbrrril/UserFiles/File/Parking%20map.png).

Visiting team space: After walking through our locker rooms, you will come out onto the pool deck.  Proceed to walk past the pool to the back of the enclosed fenced in area.  There is a grassy field just outside the chain link fence where your team can set up tents, towels, etc.  There is also a smaller area inside the fenced in area if you prefer.  Not far from the grassy area where your team will be located is a super tempting sand volleyball court.  We ask that you keep your swimmers out of the sand and we will do the same as well with HSTC swimmers.  The sand gets stuck in our pool filters and drains and leads to all kinds of maintenance issues. 

Time Conversions: You will quickly notice that our pool is shorter than a regulation size pool.  The length is 20 yards.  Our computer system is set-up to convert all swimmer times.   What this means is when a swimmer exits the pool after a race?   the time showing on the stopwatches and Dolphins is NOT ACCURATE and is not the time that will eventually show up in the “On Deck” report.  These times will be converted in the completer and the converted time will be your official time.  For a good estimate, take the time given by the timers and multiply the swimmer time by 1.3.  In past years, the only races that were not converted were the 100 yard distances, which were completed by swimming five lengths of our 20 yard pool. ***However, starting in the summer of 2018, these races will be four lengths of the pool (80 yards) and then the time will be converted as is done with all other races.***

Lou Malnati's Restaurant Night: Wednesday June 27th @95th Street location 4-10pm

Please use the attached flyer and enjoy a cooking free night this coming Wednesday!  Bring the attached flyer or mention you are ordering with the River Run Raptors and our team will receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale (must let them know it is for Raptors or they won't count it)!  Anyone is welcome to participate - so feel free to tell your friends and neighbors!  Flyer send on email (/recnbrrril/UserFiles/File/NF_RiverRunRaptorsSwimTeam.pdf)

**My apologies for the typo on my previous update - the Lou's night is actually 6/27 


Concessions Drink Donations

We are still in need of a few more families to bring in their concessions donation.  

With 3 home meets in July - they will be put to good use!! 

**Did you know? Revenue from concessions helps us provide events like our Pep Rally, Team Social, and Banquet at no or reduced cost (making that case of pop a bargin!!)**

By last name:  A-F = Coke (24pk of 12 oz cans);    G-L = Diet Coke (24pk of 12 oz cans);   M-Q = Gatorade (case of 12 oz bottles)

                        R-Z =  Sprite (24pk of 12 oz cans)

Tall Grass Meet 6/19:

Thank you all for your assistance and patience at the Tall Grass meet on Tuesday! Our families were awesome in dealing with the less than ideal weather!  While I wish we could have gotten in the whole meet, the radar at the time of the 2nd delay indicated worsening storms and we wanted to ensure our families were safe.  The meet was deemed "official", so for any lucky swimmers who got to swim in the freestyle events -- your times count!   There will not be a make up for this meet.


Ashbury Invite 6/28

All swimmers age 7-14 are invited to the Ashbury Invite on June 28th! Please sign up via the events tab. This is a fun meet with a few nearby teams and lots of team spirit so don't miss out!!


Upcoming Dates to Know

Special Events:

6/27 - Lou Malnati's Restaurant Night 4-10 pm  (95th Street Location) 

7/3 - NSC Fundraiser at practice (teams throughout the Naperville Swim Conference participate in a charity day                                                           to raise money for local charities)

7/13 - Raptors Team Social @ River Run Club 5-7pm (details coming soon)

7/19 - Yogurt Beach Restaurant Day

7/29 - Raptors End of the Season Banquet/Brunch @ Bolingbrook Golf Course, 11am - 1pm (details coming soon)

Remaining Meets:

6/23 - Away vs Huntington

6/26 - Away vs Ashbury

6/28 - Ashbury Invite (for all 7-14 year olds)

7/7 - Home vs YMCA

7/10 - Home vs White Eagle

7/14 - Home vs Centennial Beach

7/21 - Classic Meet (for all 6&unders and those 7-12 year olds without City Times)

7/27-7/28 - City Meet (15-18's swim 7/27, 7-8 & 9-10 swimmers with City Times swim 7/28 am, 

                   11-12 with City Times and all 13-14s swim 7/28 pm)