Looking For Swim Lessons this Summer?

The Marin Pirate Coaching staff wanted me to let you know the following information. If you are interested please contact them. All of their coaches are amazing and they would be happy to teach any age group. 

FYI: Annika usually coaches 10 and unders for Pirates (Buccs), Eric typically does the 11+ (Captains). Tom typically does the Seniors and/or older kiddos. With that they would be happy to teach any age group.

  • Coach Eric is available after practice, here is his contact for all those interested swimmers,  Please email him directly at ezwhitten@att.net  to inquire about a time. 
  • Coach Tom will be available after 12:30 Tuesdays and Wednesdays, contact me at tevers4@me.com
  • Contact Annika is available during the week as well.  Contact her at annika_mellen@me.com