Week 2A 2018 - Somerset battles but falls in the rainy Inverness Forest

Despite some rain and generally wet (and cold) conditions, this morning our team swam with heart. A full fifty percent of our swimmers at the meet achieved a personal best time in at least one event, meaning they dropped time and swam faster than expected. Eight swimmers achieved all-star times. And Somerset swimmers had 16 first-place finishes. A lot of great swims. The final score was 336-453 for Inverness.


Samantha Smith and Dylan Reilly led the team today in first-place finishes, touching the wall first in each of their individual events. For Samantha, that was the 15-18 IM, free, back, and fly. For Dylan, the 8-and-under free, back, and breast. Delia Vanderzon also crushed the meet with three first-place finishes—in the 13-14 free, back, and fly.


Five additional swimmers had individual wins. They included Hayden Bitz in the 15-18 back, Kate Chlopak in the 15-18 breast, Nata Freeman in the 11-12 breast, Phoebe Lewis in the 9-10 breast, and Everett Mascott in the 8-and-under fly. The girls 200-meter medley relay team of Kate Chlopak, Jessica Khanna, Emily Smith, and Samantha Smith also finished first.


Eight swimmers achieved all-star times today. This is a challenging accomplishment. And because of the competitive nature of the MCSL swim league an all-star swim often is not reflected in a first-place win, with certain events containing multiple all-star swimmers. Delia Vanderzon led the all-star count today with all-star finishes in four events (13-14 IM, free, back, and fly). Phoebe Lewis (9-10 free, back, & breast) and Samantha Smith (15-18 free, back, & fly) each had three all-star times. Joey Panner (11-12 IM & fly) and Dylan Reilly (8-and-under free & breast) had two all-star times apiece. Nata Freeman was an all-star in 11-12 breast; Everett Mascott an all-star in 8-and-under breast; and Nicole Vanderzon an all-star in 15-18 fly.


Thirty swimmers dropped times in their events. Those achieving these personal bests (not already mentioned above) include: Clara Bilbao, Elana Bilbao, Gage Bolten, Danny Brown, Joey Edick, Alexandra Finn, Isabel Finn, Miles Haraldsson, Jonas Hawkins, Kesh Khanna, Andres Lopez Forastier, Lucas Lopez Forastier, Matias Lopez Forastier, Avery Mascott, David Panner, Mikey Panner, Henry Patrick, Oscar Pilot, Tomy Turi, Max Veksler, Anne Stuart Waltzman, and Junie Zaft.


Those of the group with the most significant time drops (> 2 seconds in at least one stroke) included: Joey Edick, Alexandra Finn, Kesh Khanna, Matias Lopez Forastier, Henry Patrick, Max Veksler, Anne Stuart Waltzman, and Junie Zaft.


**Danny Brown takes the win, though, for most significant time drops, crushing his own prior personal bests in three events and putting points on the board for the team.


Congratulations, Dolphins, on another Saturday well done!
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