WCSC Newsletter: Get your Giants tickets, team photos on Wed, sign outs & more!

WCSC Parents and Swimmers,

Please read below for some important news items:


Congratulations Top Gun Winners!

  • 6 and U        Piper Smedley
  • 7-8               Cody Hatamiya
  • 9-10             Kemmrick Olsen
  • 11-12            Elyse Budke
  • 13-18            Kalea Kawaii

While we continue to work on mechanics and drills for stroke precision, we are adding the RACE element skills at practice.  We have seen some breakout times and great racing and time improvements this weekend. We will be handing out Personal Best Awards starting this week based on time improvements off of baseline times from our June 20 meet.  Our coaching goal going forward in the season is to translate the mechanics into rote muscle memory without thinking.  Think about the first time we all rode a bicycle, learned to ski, hit a tennis ball, a baseball.  Our brains were working just as hard as our body.  Sometimes our swim times in races have to play catch up as our body adapts to new skills and finally takes over and just “knows” what to do.  Our goal is to swim fast with the most proficiency so we don’t waste any extra energy or compromise efficiency.

Speed off the start can only equate to the speed upon entry if it is clean.   We are teaching when is it optimum for each athlete to breakout--- It is not going to be the same in distance for a 7 year old as it would be a 17 year old.  Our goal is maintaining streamline and speed underwater without losing speed, then upon breakout still having the speed so swimmers don’t have to “restart our engine.”  I like to use the term riding the escalator not the elevator upon assent to breakout, and using the FAST water underneath the white water. Decoded:  some kids have the notion that staying underwater longer is better, or pushing on the water SURFACE--not so, there is a precise timing and water depth to breakout.

Please continue to ask your swimmers what they worked on at practice.  We have a group of not only great students but great teachers that have pride in their ability to learn-translate- teach!

Theme: Racing with good mechanics! Interpersonal Theme:   Work ETHIC---Earn it!

Vince Lombardi on Work Ethic:  “Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you’re willing to pay the price.”

Best and Go WCSC, The Coaches


Musically Trained Person for National Anthem at Meets:

We are in need of a musically trained person to volunteer to perform the national anthem at our home meets. Please contact Patrick at directors@walnutcreekswimclub.org to volunteer.


June 26th GIANTS BASEBALL GAME: 29 tickets left and we need to sell them!

Have you… bought your tickets, or invited your family or friends??? WCSC has a block of seats for the Tuesday, June 26th Giants game at 7:15pm vs. the Colorado Rockies and we still have tickets left, buy your tickets today! (View Reserve tickets have been reserved for us at $28/each. Tickets are available on our Square Up team site and can be accessed by going to https://squareup.com/store/wcsc-walnut-creek-swim-club. This will be the only way to pay and confirm your seats. Once in the Square Up click on the Single Ticket $28 rectangle and it will lead you to the cart where you can change the quantity to add more seats.  In the checkout section, for pick up date and time: Choose any date and time (it doesn’t matter what you will choose since tickets will be delivered at practice and/or a meet a few days before the game.)  For questions please email Cherie Gann at fundraising@walnutcreekswimclub.org.  Go Giants!


Team Photos -Team photos are Wednesday June 27th

Photos will start 8am at Larkey Pool.  There will be an opportunity to do individual and group photos as well as a team photo.  Order forms will be at practice on the 25th and 26th as well as the day of.  Cash or check is preferred.  Please wear WCSC gear or team colors.


Woodlands or Walnut Country Invitations Meet Sign Out Deadline by June 27:

  • Saturday and Sunday July 21st and 22nd Woodlands Invitational:  (not the regular Woodlands dual):  Please check your e-mail. We have sent e-mails to 31 swimmers that are qualified to swim Woodlands.  Coaches will assign individual and relay events. Wednesday, June 27th is the deadline to sign out of this invitational.
  • Friday evening and Saturday July 20th and July 21st Crossings Challenge Walnut Country Invitational Meet:  All Swimmers (except Woodlands swimmers): Please sign IN if you wish to attend, Sign OUT if you can’t participate at Crossings by Wed, June 27th.  You many select your events (up to 3 total).  This event is from 5:30pm to 9pm on Friday and 8:30am to 5pm on Saturday (warm ups at 5:15pm). You signout by going to the main page of the www.walnutcreekswimclub.org website and click on the meet you want to sign in or out of. 
  • Please note:  WCSC pays individual swimmer fees for invitationals other than our own.  Please be respectful of this gracious subsidy and if your swimmer is committed to attend that you make sure they are truly going to be in attendance.



Team shirts are coming and we need you to verify that your child’s t-shirt size is correct by following the below steps: Log into your account on the www.walnutcreekswimclub.org, go to "my account" and click on the tab called "members".  Scroll down and you will see "t shirt size" and make any edits you see fit and then hit “save” at the bottom of the screen.  Please change it in the system by June 27th.  Make sure to go to each "member" (e.g. if two kids, click on both kids info and save each kids changes).  Please check and change on the website by June 27th and make your edits so you can get a team shirt in the correct size, thank you!


All City Job Sign-ups will Close Wed June 27th:

All City Jobs sign-ups will be closing this Wed 6/27.  Thank you to everyone who as already signed up.  Almost every spot is filled but we are still in need of volunteers for marshal, hospitality, clerk of the course, and head timer.  These jobs are fairly easy jobs to perform but essential for the meet to run successfully.  EVERY family, including those who have "bought out" of dual meets jobs, is responsible for 2 four-hour shifts or 1 eight-hour shift.  Please sign up before Wed or provide the name of the sub who will be working for you at the meet.  Email me at jobs@walnutcreekswimclub.org if you have any questions.  Thank you!



Wednesday June 27, 2018 5:30 pm start time @ Rudgear Meadows Swim Team

Location:  2400 Stewart Avenue Walnut Creek, California 94596 

Notes from Rudgear Meadows:

  • Visiting Team Area: Basketball court area. 
  • Parking: Please respect NO PARKING by red curbs in driveway/parking lot. Homeowners are instructed to call the police for illegal parking. Illegally parked cars will be towed. 
  • Warm-ups: 5 p.m. – Meet starts promptly at 5:30 p.m. 
  • Snack Bar: A full service menu is available including breakfast and lunch 
  • Pool Rules: Kiddie pool and deep end off limits during the meet 
  • Note: This is a 4 lane pool.

No meet on Saturday June 30th.



  • To TP is to use toilet paper to decorate someone's trees/yard/house.  Most young kids love when they get TP’d. The current crop of WCSC Nightriders appears to have the skills to be a formidable TPing crew and may visit your house after dusk and catch you unawares. However, tradition also allows the defending household the use of water balloons, hoses, and squirt guns if you are lucky enough to catch them. Be safe!
  • What is the No TP List? - If you don’t want to be TP’d email directors@walnutcreekswimclub.org and we will advise the Nightriding crew for the year.


All City Meet Info  The All City Meet is just two weeks away!


  • Purchase a preferred parking pass: Preferred Parking Passes will be available to WCSC families for purchase on the WCSC website beginning this Wednesday, June 27. On June 28, we open it up to all teams. A parking pass gets you in-and-out privileges in the main parking lot located in front of the Clarke Swim Center at Heather Farms for the entire meet. The price is $50. 
  • Many hands make for quick setup: All families are required to participate in either setup or takedown (see All City Swim Meet job sign-ups on the website), but you are welcome to participate in both. Friday Setup begins at 5pm. All WCSC members should enter the pool area by the Snack Shack and sign-in at the gate. Gita Patel will be there to direct you to a setup group. Setup should last one hour, maybe two.
  • Be a “team shader”:  As you enter for Friday Setup, you are welcome to put up your popup, tent or sun umbrella in our team area. While space is limited and you may want the prime real estate for your family, we are a team and should work together to accommodate every WCSCer:
    • plan to share your shade with another family if room permits
    • accommodate for walking paths around the perimeter of your shade
    • offer families with infants and toddlers space at the edge of the lawn



Thanks in advance for your cooperation.



All City Order of Events

I.M. (11-18yrs)

Medley Relay

I.M. (7-10yrs)
Free Relay
All-Ages Relay

For any questions, feel free to ask us! Jeff and Jenny Budke.


July 13-15 Camping Trip:

  • Our annual WCSC camping trip is at Camp Richardson at Lake Tahoe from July 13 - July 15 (drive up on Friday, drive back on Sunday)
  • Sign ups opened yesterday thru a special news alert at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a44afaf28a5f58-2017.   All info about the camping trip, the costs and how to pay are at the top of the signup genius link! 
  • While a lot of the signups filled up quickly yesterday, there is a waitlist started and Shellie & Toni will be working to have families share campsites where possible to help get families off the waitlist.  So if you go to the link above and what you need isn’t available, please email social@walnutcreekswimclub.org to get on the wait list.
  • Also, for those signed up for the camping trip, please (1) doublecheck to make sure you also have your Saturday dinner BBQ choices in the system corrected and (2) make checks out to Walnut Creek Swim Club and find Shellie Leavitt or Toni Hatamiya at practice to hand the checks to.



Thank you for all of the parents who volunteered to be the age group coordinators!  We are in need of coordinator for the age 15-18 social coordinator.  The coordinator plans one event for the age 15-18 and helps in ordering nightrider T-shirts. This year the 13-14 age group will join the 15-18 as well on the event.  Being an age-group coordinator takes the place of 2 jobs, and there is a small budget for the event. Please email directors@walnutcreekswimclub.org if you are interested.


Calendar Highlights:  (note: calendar section on website has all of the latest updates)

  • Tues, June 26th Giants game (need to reserve and pay in advance, see above for more!)
  • Wed, June 27th team photos at 8am to 9am
  • Wed, June 27th evening away meet at RMST
  • Date & time TBD (maybe Thurs, June 28th or Friday June 29th), age11-12 social (our social coordinators are working to finalize the date with the City of Berkeley to go to Berkeley’s Adventure Playground, more info will come directly to the 11-12 families.  Thank you Christy Schuchmann for volunteering last week to be 11-12 social coordinator!).
  • Reminder – no practice on July 4th – happy 4th of July!
  • Sat & Sun, July 7tth and 8th – All City Meet (run by WCSC!)
  • Wed, July 11tth away meet against IVST
  • Thursday, July 12 age 9-10 Bowling Social, time TBD
  • Fri night to Sun morning July 13-15 Tahoe Camping Trip (need to reserve and pay in advance, more details coming soon)
  • Wed July 18th away meet at Woodlands (this is the standard dual meet)
  • Thurs, July 19 age 7-8 Night Hike social, time TBD
  • Invitationals:  Swimmers will either be in Fri evening & Sat Walnut Country July 20 and 21st or the Sat Sunday July 21 and July 22nd Woodlands Invitational  (see more details above)
  • Wed, July 25th away meet at WHO
  • Sat, July 28th HOME meet against Larkey Sharks
  • Sun, July 29th age 13-14 & 15-18 Rafting trip social
  • Sat & Sun August 4 and 5 Conference Meet
  • Sun, August 5th 6pm to 9pm After Conference Party
  • Sat & Sun Aug 11th and 12th County Meet (if swimmer has qualified for county)
  • Sat, Aug 25th Awards night, time TBD

See you at the pool!