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Summer Team: What You Need to Know (Week 3)

Here's what you need to know for Week 3 of our Summer Fun!


  • The weather is looking GREAT right now, it should be a ton of fun!
  • Please see the calendar, all the info you need is there
  • You MUST RSVP for this, as we have a group usage agreement that requires us to pre-pay at the gate. We need to know how many folks are coming. Please bring your permission slip and $5 to the aquatics office no later than Wednesday, please!
  • If we have to cancel for any reason, the backup plan is to have Fun Friday at the pool: 11&Olders 8:30—10:00am, 10&Youngers 9:00—10:00am


  • This week only. We have lots of treasures for you to get on the cheap before they’re gone forever
  • What We’ve Got:
    • Youth and adult sizes
    • State champions t-shirts
    • TONS of t-shirts from prior seasons with our current logo (perfect for parents looking to rep some EDGE gear)
    • T-shirts from prior seasons with our old logo
    • A few hoodies
    • Loads of swim caps with our old logo (perfect for swimmers looking for something to wear to practice)
    • Car magnets and more!
  • Pricing:
    • Car magnets are $5 each
    • Apparel items are $5 each
    • Caps are $5 each
      • Purchase a cap or apparel item and get a car magnet for free!
  • Where/How to Get Stuff:
    • A table will be set up on the pool deck—ask a coach or senior swimmer and we’ll take care of you


  • Jess Workman ( is being kind enough to put on another clinic for parents interested in becoming officials! There are three steps to becoming an official, and these can be done in any order:
  • It will be at our Williston location on Monday, July 2 from 4:15--6:15 in the function room adjacent to the pool deck
  • There are three steps to becoming an official, and these can be done in any order:
    • Pass the officials test (very easy, it's open book and tells you where to find the answers)
    • Attend an officials clinic
    • Apprentice (shadow) other officials for a few meets
  • Jess will blast out more information soon, we all owe her a batch of cookies or something!


  • Suits from our May deadline are still in the office—come see a coach or staff member after your practice! You will be informed when the June order comes in


  • You will be informed when apparel orders arrive


  • All the information you need is on the calendar page for each swim meet
  • This Thursday is our COTS meet with Middlebury, details on what to bring and where to drop off is on the calendar page!


  • Vergennes absences were already due—please submit them using the Google Form ASAP
  • Please submit all absences to the Google Form, NOT email
  • Please check the calendar for special deadlines for the Distance Meet, Leagues and States