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This Week:

Summer 2 Schedule Starts Today!

Note: different locations and hours for all groups. Visit website for schedule.


IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! At our Board meeting tonight, Monday, June 25 @ the Piedmont Police Station at 7pm, we will be reviewing the new Volunteer Policy (link to the draft provided here), as well as changes to the practice groups (link to the draft provided here).  We strongly encourage parent input prior to the policies going into effect for the 2018-2019 swim season and welcome parents to attend tonight’s meeting.


Important Dates:
August 21: PST Annual Banquet


PST Hosted Meet - Success!

First things first:  I inadvertently left off a really important person to thank in the post-meet acknowledgment email – Mr. Jim Roseborough. Jim was not only a Colorado operator (a job that’s a little-known gem – great seats, shaded, front and center to the action), he has also been instrumental in coming out on Friday to help with the Colorado wiring for our last 2 hosted meets. We greatly appreciate his engineering skills but even more so his willingness to go above and beyond in volunteering!


Next, I wanted to get our numbers straight before reporting on the financial results of our May meet. (Drumroll, please) We netted over $9K from the meet!!  This is so much more than we expected from a few different sources. First and foremost was the Snack Shack – because of all the donations from PST parents and the expert selling, we sold $2.4K in Cup o’ Noodles, bagels, muffins, bars, Gatorades and hard-boiled eggs – all profit!  We also had over 550 swimmers, 100 more than last year, which netted more entry revenue, as well as a generous $2K subsidy from Zone 2 (new this year because we were willing to host a long course meet). The money our team earned is the cherry on top to what I hope you found to be a fun and rewarding meet!


Don’t forget to check out the photos from the meet which are up on our team website (log in and click on the Photo tab).






July 6 to 8: 14 & Under Junior Olympics.  Open on OME. Click here for meet sheet and group rates for hotels. 7 PST swimmers qualified so far.

July 14 to 15: ONDA C/B/BB+ Open on OME. Last meet of the season for most PST swimmers. Click here for meet sheet.

Meet Report:
June 23/24: TERA last chance meet at Brentwood and Vallejo Senior Open Meet report will follow in Coach’s Newsletter on Friday.