Tier I Summer Champs 2018 Recap

Kelowna, BC

This past weekend, we had 6 swimmers travel all the way to Kelowna to represent Winskill Dolphins and compete at Tier I Provincial Championships! Here are the day-by-day highlights that occurred.

To start off Day 1, we had Brooke Nelson drop 2” in the 200 Free to 2:41.72 right before Jenna Tuazon dropped 5” to 2:26.85. Jeremy Slinn also had a big improvement by 4” to 2:35.63, which just missed the 12 y.o. Tier I cut! Next, we had Heidi Cole and Dylan Bradbury improve their 200 Breast races by at least 4” to 3:16.58 and 3:23.85, respectively. Jean-Paul Low also swam the 200 Breast after coming straight from Tsawwassen that morning, and dropped an incredible 8 seconds (2:36.19) to finish in 2nd place overall for boys 12-13! An hour later, Jean-Paul also finished in 3rd place for the boy 12-13 400 IM just off his best time (5:09.47).

The best session of all was in the afternoon of Day 1 where 100% best times were achieved in the 100 back and 100 fly! First, Brooke dropped 4” in the 100 back to a PB of 1:22.07. Dylan and Jeremy both officially got their Tier I cut in the same event to 1:25.53 and 1:25.09, respectively. Jean-Paul improved by 2 seconds to 1:03.82, which was 0.5” off both first place and his Senior Open cut! In the 100 Fly, new Tier I cuts were achieved by Brooke (1:26.83) and Jenna (1:19.68) in the 11 y.o. and 12 y.o. categories, respectively. On the other hand, Heidi dropped 6” to 1:22.08 barely missing the 12 y.o. T1 cut and Jeremy dropped 12 whole seconds to 1:32.74, just missing the 11&U T1 cut. Dylan also improved his 100 fly by 3” to 1:24.60 and officially achieved his Far Westerns cut!  Jean-Paul won another silver medal in this event with a 1” PB of 1:04.66.

Ever wonder what 45 heats of 200IM is like? Don’t. To start off Day 2, we had Jenna improve her time by 2” to 2:45.24. Soon after, Jeremy and Dylan had an exciting side-by-side rivalry that pushed each other to drop at least 5” to 2:59.15 and 3:00.77, respectively. Jean-Paul improved his time by 1” to 2:20.32 to qualify for finals later. We also had Jenna race against the 400 Free from the outside lane and improve her time by 9” to 5:13.57!

Later that evening, Jean-Paul returned for the 200 IM finals and dropped another second to a PB of 2:19.50 and another silver medal! To carry on the momentum, we had Heidi drop 3” in the 100 breast to 1:31.64, just 1” off the 12 y.o. cut. Dylan achieved another Far Westerns cut in the 100 Breast with a 4” PB 1:34.31. JP also dropped 1” to 1:13.87 and finished 4th overall. The next event was 100 free where Brooke won her heat and dropped 5” to officially get her Tier I cut of 1:13.57 though she was barely beaten by Heidi who swam a 2” PB 1:13.05. Dylan also improved by growing longer nails to drop 0.7” (1:16.17). Jeremy had an astonishing finish with a 3” PB to 1:12.71!

On the final day, we had incredible success in the 200 back by Brooke and Jeremy who both broke the 3min barrier by dropping 4” (2:56.28) and 12” (2:57.02), respectively! Jean-Paul also broke the 2:20 barrier by dropping 3” to 2:18.36 earning a 3rd place bronze medal. Brooke and Jeremy continued the speed in the 50 Free with PB of 33.07 and 33.37, respectively. Dylan also followed up with a 3” PB of 34.89! To finish off her busy day, Brooke swam her first ever 200 Fly of 3:32.40 and actually achieved a Tier I cut in the event! Dylan also placed 14th overall for boys 11&U in the 200 Fly (3rd for 10&U boys) with a near-PB 3:12.89. Jean-Paul then continued to slay with another best time in the 200 Fly of 2:23.95 and bronze medal.

We can’t forget to mention the fun mixed relays we had on the last day too! In the 200 Medley relay, we had Jean-Paul lead off in the back (30.59), Heidi continue the breast (41.86), Dylan take off in the fly (36.51) and Jenna anchoring the free (30.31), finishing the team in 28th overall. In the 200 Free Relay, we had Jenna start off (30.79), Brooke go 2nd (33.78), Jeremy continuing the speed (33.10) and Jean-Paul bringing the team up to 24th overall (27.11)!

Overall, incredible weekend!! We came home with many outstanding successes and amazing achievements. Despite the heat and humidity, the team had a lot of fun and made many memories from this competition.