Senior Team News June 25th

Senior Team Swimmers & Parents

   I'm looking forward to a great weekend of racing at the Northside Closed Invite! We'll be competing against Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers, and Carmel-- should be some great heats. General reminder, for most swimmers this is the final regular season invitational before either Senior State or Divisionals. There are a handful of swimmers committed to swimming at Brownsburg, but the headcount is relatively low.  This weekend is important for us- last rehearsal before we suit for championship swimming! Parents, please help reinforce that message with the swimmers!

A few details for next week and beyond:

  • We are getting to that point in the season where the total number of practices offered per week is not a high priority. If you are in the high attendance camp, we will be already starting to taper down just a touch. Now this isn't the "taper" that most associate the week before the championship meet, however 10 practices per week is well beyond the necessary and only leads to excess fatigue. If you are in the low attendance category, limiting a few practices here an there will help funnel more kids at once to a given workout, which equals a more cohesive and fun training experience.
  • Afternoon practice this Tuesday the 26th is canceled. Also reminder that we do not have workout on Thursday afternoon, as we will be canoeing down the White River Thursday afternoon! By the way, please RSVP for the trip. I've extended the deadline half a day. What you need to do to attend:
    1. Sign back up again on our website. After the rain reschedule, all swimmers previously signed up for were de-committed, so you will likely need to do this again.
    2. Submit the waiver that's linked on our website. Failure to do so will result in a $2 upcharge from the host company. If you did this previously, you DO NOT need to repeat.
  • July/August calendar is posted. Please review as July always gets a bit tricky. Deviations from the standard calendar are highlighted, however I've attached a copy here that is Senior Team only and is probably a little easier to follow.
  • This week I'll be posting a version of the Senior State relays at practice as if the meet were this weekend. Yes, this is a working draft but it's a pretty good one for the moment. Swimmers could get called up that aren't listed and swimmers that are could lose position. IF the meet were this weekend, the posting at the pool is what we would go with. Please understand that in 90% + of the circumstances I simply follow the computer formulated relays. When I deviate from this, it's typically due to extremes in attendance issues and/or to break virtual or real ties. I'm posting these now to get the planning going now! I need to know this week that if you are listed for relays, you intend on being at the meet. Or if you can be at only 3 of the 4 days, for example. Lots of relays spread out of 4 days of competition.
  •  IHSAA Moratorium week is this coming week. What is moratorium week? It's an IHSAA rule that mandates all IHSAA coaches may have no contact with their athletes or families for the week encompassing 4th of July week, Monday 12:00AM to Sunday 11:59PM. This means no practices run by your own high school coaches. This also means no emails, phone calls, texts, etc. If you happen to see me or any other of the NC coaches outside of the school or outside of an athletic setting, no big deal, but please don't engage any of us in conversation. The repercussions of breaking this rule are real and severe.  How do we work around this?
    • Over the past several years we have hired outside coaches (non-NC, WTSC coaches or non-NC, non-WTSC coaches) to lead the group for the week. This year Coach Brenda Fisher will be leading the workouts along with Coach Larry Zoller from Evansville, IN. Both are experienced leaders in the sport and will have a strong command for running a great week of workouts. We share this cost along with Southeastern Swim Club- many of their athletes will be joining us.
    • We will be offering AM workouts Monday thru Friday from 5:30 to 8AM, including on July 4th. We will also offer the standard Saturday AM time slot, just a bit shorter going from 7 to 9AM. This totals 6 workouts from the week; no matter your goals for the season, this provides what you need!! We only have a handful of swimmers exceeding 6 workouts per week at the moment; while perhaps not as convenient, swimmers will get everything they need to be successful at championship season time. As noted earlier, it's an extension of that early taper process.
    • Does this rule apply to all? Not necessarily. IF you are an incoming HS freshman or an incoming collegiate, you are not subject to this IHSAA rule. If you are in either of these 2 groups, you may also attend any of Coach Saylor's 5:30 to 7:30PM workouts on the calendar.
    • Also please understand we are in the fortunate category. School administrators take 1 of 3 typical routes with the Moratorium week; 1) like us, allow outside folks (non-IHSAA coaches affiliated with your school) to run workouts in your own facility, 2) Allow no IHSAA coaches or athletes in their facility at all, forcing your HS kids to travel, but allow your middle school developmental programs to continue, or 3) Totally close the facility for the entire week for all users, including age group swimmers/non-HS aged athletes, and use the time for annual cleaning or maintenance. In the big picture, we are lucky!

Well, that's a lot of info for now! Summary.....

-Northside Invite warm up time changes and importance

- Practice offerings starting to cut down just a bit

-Senior specific calendar attached

-Senior State relays review and weekend RSVP

-Canoe Trip RSVP

-IHSAA Moratorium rules and schedule changes


As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Train hard, Swim fast WTSC!

Coach P