4th of July Celebration - Volunteer Opportunities!

Greetings HHRC Members! 

The 4th of July will be here in just 9 days--It’s time for our community (HHRC members and HH neighborhood) to come together for the most fun day of the year! For those of you who are new to the event, this is a day’s celebration with a parade, juice jumps (for little kids), soda splashes, and beer dives! We have water balloon tosses and other games on the grass! Diving contests! Prizes! We are looking for volunteers to help us pull all this off. If you can take on one of these roles below, it will help everyone in our community to have a 4th of July worth remembering. You’ll meet new people and it will be guaranteed fun. For some events, without someone to take them on, they won’t happen, so join in the fun and involve yourself in the festivities.

Roles for which we need volunteers (and number needed)

  • July 3rd decorating: (need 2 people). Weather permitting. This involves putting décor out of the shed and generally making the club be ‘in the spirit’ of the event.
  • General morning set up (need 2). Arrive at 8:15 at the pool and help set up. This involves setting up the tables for the watermelon slicing and other specialty tables inside the club grounds. Helping to decorate if weather didn’t permit doing that on the evening of July 3rd.
  • Watermelon slicing and serving (need 1 more). Involves showing up about 8:30 am and helping to slice and serve, then clean up. Betsy Underwood is team captain for this event. THANK YOU BETSY!
  • Parade leaders--runners: we need 2 dedicated runners to lead the parade carrying the parade banner. Any track team or cross country runners out there? (need 2, could have two teams of 2 so they can switch at the half way point).
  • Fancy car drivers: have a fun or fancy car to put into the parade? Ideally we’d love to have your car follow the banner runners and lead the kids on bikes. Decorate your ride and parade with us!
  • Diving contest judges (need 3)
  • Community Cookout volunteers (7)
    • We need at least 2 people to cook hamburgers and hotdogs, grills are out back of the clubhouse
    • We need at least 2-3 people to help prep the beans, buns, cole slaw and get everything on the tables, & help serve
    • We need at least 3 more people to help serve lunch and apple pie/ice cream, pour iced teas and lemonade. And to help clean up afterwards.
  • Sack Races and 3-legged races: (Need 1). This involves bringing the supplies for that activity and running it (it’s a great opportunity to have the bullhorn). Without a captain to take this on, it won’t happen.
  • Additional games, (particularly oriented for little kids), TBN (volunteers would need to be the champion of these and see them through). Ideas that have been suggested include face painting, hunting for coins in a sand bucket, setting up a corn hole game or bean bag toss.
  • Clean up crew (2). This involves helping to take down the signs and decorations at the end of the day and putting them away in the shed for next year’s party and generally helping the lifeguards put the place back together after the event.

Thanks for getting involved to participate in the best 4th of July celebration in Chapel Hill!

Please contact to join the team. She'll be the one in the red, white and blue cowboy hat the day of and will be easy to spot!