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Orca Swimmers Shine in K.W.I.C. colours

In the next couple of weeks we will be sending out 2018-19 registration emails, detailing everything for the up and coming season.

But first we are having quite the finale to the current season. 

Since the Tier 1 Provincials last weekend (June 22-24), many swimmers and swim parents have been asking how our Orca swimmers performed. 

It was quite the event.  Over 400 swimmers 13&under from 38 clubs from around the province convened at the H2O pool in Kelowna.  Picture a regular meet at H2O and add about 300-400 more people in the stands and the pool.   It was hot and humid and loud, and standing room only to watch the events.

For many of our Orca swimmers, it was their first big provincial meet where they did not recognize all the swimmers or teams. 

But did they shy away from the competition?  Of course not.  They stepped up and raised their performances.


Taryn Weatherhead was the Orca swimmer of the meet, with 100% best times and  breaking 5 Club records in the 10&Under category (100 & 200 Fly, 200 IM, 100 & 200 Back).  The 100 Backstroke record dates back to 2002!!  Way to go Taryn.

Casey McDermid and Emily Jell were both on a family vacation in Silverwood the week before the meet.  I had no idea how the swimmers were going to perform after a week of busy vacationing.   Would they be tired? Would they be checked out mentally?  Would they remember how to swim? 

Coaching theory would say it would be very tough to swim best times after taking a week off. 

But...good thing it's just theory.

Casey must've been extra rested when he showed up to the pool Friday Afternoon because he had the biggest time drop of all Orca Swimmers with a 22.28 sec improvement in the 200 back and went 7 out of 8 best times for all his individual swims.

I don't recommend taking a vacation before a big meet, but it reminds me of a story about an American POW who visualized an 18 hole game of golf everyday while he was imprisoned, and on his first game of golf after being released shot an incredible 76 whithout having practiced a "real" swing for years.  The power of the mind.

Dezi Ducheck was the high point scorer among Orca swimmers, contributing 46 points to K.W.I.C..  He also had the highest individual placing of 5th among the 11&U 50 free swim. 

And Arlo Kast brought some hardware home, with a silver medal in the boys 13&U relay.  As the third leg in the 200m free relay, Arlo had to fend off some Lower Mainland teams to help secure the 2nd place finish.  Arlo was almost 100% best times for his individual races, going 7 out of 8 best times. 


Next up: Tier 2 provincials in Victoria.  Good luck to our 3 participants, Connor and Holden Berrisford and Taylor Smith.