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Coach Amy’s Comments:

Coach Amy is on vacation this week.  If you have any questions before she returns, please contact your swimmer’s coach.

Tennessee Meet – Congrats to all swimmers on a great travel meet!  Many thanks to Crystal and Karl Crist for organizing the team activities and dinners!  A good time was had by all!

Assistant Meet Coordinator Position Available: We are looking for someone to serve as the Assistant Meet Coordinator for the next year with plans to take over as Meet Coordinator next summer.  If you are interested in this position or want more information, please email Kim Ferguson at

Ongoing Updates & Reminders

Stars & Stripes Meet: Volunteer sign-ups have been turned on. Please remember, ALL families (with swimmers on white team and up) are required to complete one volunteer credit this summer (regardless of whether your swimmer is competing in this meet or not). There are only two exceptions for this requirement. One exception is those parents who are BRAND NEW this summer and attended the new parent meeting in May. The second exception is those families who have a senior swimmer who is graduating next May. Remember if you would like your high schooler to work for you, they must be 14 and must work a deck position like timer, 8& under clerk, or runner. Warm-ups for the meet are at 4:30 and meet starts at 5:45. Please check the times for your jobs. Some of them are early because of the need to direct families and swimmers where to go since we will likely be using Door 6 as our main entrance.

CGAC H.E.A.R.T. Swimmers of the Month - Congratulations to the following swimmers who were nominated by their Coach for demonstrating H.E.A.R.T. in and out of the pool, at practice and competition. 

Avery Matern - White Team

Carli Eldridge - Red Team

Hallie Mimbella - Black Team

Ellie Nguyen - Pre-Senior 1

Mallory McDonald - Pre-Senior 2

Jessica Holland - Senior

Look for more information about each swimmer on the bulletin board and on our CGAC Facebook soon!

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