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2018 FISH Training Trip - Day 4

Thursday, June 28, 2018 - Day 4 of Grand Junction Training Trip

      It's officially day four of the Colorado Training Trip!  After yesterday's hike, most of the FISH woke up sore and exhausted.  We went to breakfast at the dining hall and were devastated to find that there was no chocolate milk.  A moment of silence, please.  At 8 am, we showed up on deck for practice; it was rough, to say the least, however Aaron won the grand prize for his stellar performance.  

      At the end of practice, we were asked to change the lanes lines to short course.  The lifeguard told us the record was 4:12.  We were a bit behind record pace, clocking in at a solid 11:22.  

      After returning to the dorms, we had some down time.  Despite the disappointment caused by the lack of chocolate milk, the girls found a way to get happy by getting Starbucks.  Allison discovered that Dora hates coffee, but insists on drinking it with three times the recommend amount of sugar.  We then headed to the dining hall for lunch.

      After lunch, we met in the parking lot at 1:15 to head to the Lincoln Park pool.  It had one water slide, high dive, and two short diving boards, however many FISH decided to rest in the shade.  Natalia continued her vlogging career and made a new friend.  Grace and Skye made friendship bracelets.  Most of the other teammates placed soccer and pool games.  

     A good time in the life of the FISH!

By Flavia Carcani and Allison Martin