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2018 FISH Training Trip - Day 5

Friday, June 29, 2018 - Day 5 of Grand Junction Training Trip

      Day five of camp started out with a great morning practice where yours truly, Madelyn Donohoe, won the practice award.  Following practice, the ladies decided to go to Starbucks and try to gain back some of the energy we all used working tirelessly at practice.  After some rest and naps, the second practice started at 3:00 pm.  It included 14 x 200s backstroke where our lovely Flavia Carcani won her second practice award of the trip after going almost her best time during the 200's back.  Following relays in which Team 2 won the majority of relays (but Teams 1 and 3 are still better), Coach Ray gave us a challenge.  From now until Tuesday each room must create a country song to perform and let me tell you, Girls Room #2 will win!

      After dinner we went to the movies and saw Incredible 2/Jurassic World 2.  Grace saw Incredibles 2 and I (Maddie) saw Jurassic World so we could write an even better write up to include experiences from both movies.  Jurassic World 2 was very good!  Flavia, Dora, and I had a great time laughing even though it is not a comedy.  Incredibles 2 started off with a heartbreaking short film about a dumpling which made Grace tear up and everyone decided to make fun of her for it but it's not her fault she has feelings!  The rest of the movie was amazing, as expected, but did have some shocking moments that made me jump.  After the movies we all gathered in the theater to discuss our experiences which also included Ray making fun of Grace for her reactions to several parts of the film (which he wouldn't have even seen had I not woken him up in the beginning of the movie).  Overall, it was a great day, great movies, great laughs, and great memories.  Only one more week of camp!

By Maddy Donohoe and Grace Cutrell