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June 30th, 2018

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Southeastern Swim Club Alumni


Let’s Celebrate SSC Birthdays!

Upcoming Meet Deadlines

  • NCSA Champs Signup Deadline is July 10th
  • Senior State – register by July 10th
  • FINAL Super Splash – register by July 18th
  • Age Group State – register by July 21st
  • Divisionals – register by July 23rd

IHSAA Moratorium…

Just what is the IHSAA Moratorium? According to IHSAA Rule 15-3.4, there shall be no contact between coaches and athletes the week of July 4th. Coach Pedersen will be out of town and senior team athletes may participate in optional activities as they see fit.

Just a reminder….

That the Noblesville Enchanted Forest meet will be a staff designated exception for technical suits. Athletes may compete in their best suit for this meet – they should discuss this with their coaches beforehand.

OnDeck TeamFeed

We have had some recent upgrades to our website and this includes TeamFeed. Some quick notes on this new feature from your coaching staff:

  1. We like it and want to use it – there is a bit of a learning curve and we are working on that. We hope to discuss an overall approach to how TeamFeed fits with our social media strategy at our August coaches retreat.
  2. Notifications – we are having trouble controlling them on the “sender” side of things, but you can easily control this on your side…from mobile OnDeck App, click on TeamFeed, click bell in top right corner, this is where you can turn notifications on or off.
  3. We have recently learned that it can be very frustrating that you cannot enlarge the pictures sent on TeamFeed – my apologies for the text about “Grit Week” for the Intermediates being so small…I assumed you could enlarge it.
  4. Lastly - please forgive us for how bad the OTB can look...the text editor for our website kind of stinks, but that is also part of the upgrade - we will soon have a completely new, different, and improved CMS for our website!

Major thanks to…

Our HEAD TABLE volunteers for the Suburban Swim League Championships – they totally rocked it…Mike Donato, Drew Mueller, Ron Ross, Evan Sellers, and Brenda Wahl

Specific Senior Practice Group Announcements...

  • The Senior Trip Dates online are correct…June 20-29 (includes CSP Invite)
  • SSC OTB – all senior team athletes are responsible for OTB Info. Please log into your SSC online account and add your child’s email address and cell phone number to your family profile.
  • We need to start working on filling the timer shifts for NCSA – please remember that this effort will provide $5,000 of travel money for the high school team and that transportation will be provided.
  • Senior State Rooms – please click HERE to make sure you have a room for senior state at IU-Bloomington.
  • Please remember to signup online under MEETS for NCSA Championships – you will not automatically be entered if you have made the time standards.

Coach's Corner - Alumni News to Share with you...

Congratulations to Coach Kristen (and her husband Nate) - they have a new baby! More news to follow....

Congrats to Coach Cubby and Coach CK who got married last weekend! Hope the honeymoon was great, but we need you back on on deck coaching…just kidding – it was a great event and so nice to see so many SSC Alums and friends!

Congrats to Dr Zachary Snider (SSC Alum and STATE CHAMPION for HSE HS 2009) upon graduating Magna Cum Laude from Boston University Dental after doing his undergrad work at Northwestern University. Now a Captain in the US Air Force, Dr Snider practices in Northern California. Upon graduation, he dropped us a text and simply said, “I owe it all to those weekly Blueman sets….haha!”

  • 6/1 Rebecca Ang
  • 6/3 Che Liu
  • 6/5 Annabelle Irish
  • 6/6 Emma Kilburn
  • 6/8 Caleb Green
  • 6/8 Aubrey Matasovsky
  • 6/8 Ethan Wahl
  • 6/10 AJ Pedersen
  • 6/11 Kaleigh Stivers
  • 6/13 Nikita Egorov
  • 6/13 Zella Foreman
  • 6/13 Wyatt Sheets
  • 6/14 Lucy Hershman
  • 6/16 Brody Hayes
  • 6/16 Samantha Wojtalik
  • 6/18 London Gustin
  • 6/19 Jacob Frey
  • 6/20 Shaurya Singh
  • 6/21 Bailey Ratliff
  • 6/22 Elizabeth Edison
  • 6/22 Kayla Gulley
  • 6/22 Allison Lu
  • 6/24 Madelyn Boyd
  • 6/26 Matteo Fontanin
  • 6/27 Diya Parikh
  • 6/29 Eleanor Hultgren
  • 6/29 Emma Maple

Thank you to all of our Chairpeople for the 2018 SSC Summer Sizzler!

  • Cassie Bogaards
  • Kerrie Castelo
  • Dean Hershman
  • Steve Reising
  • Karin Harrison
  • Shannon Herring
  • Linda Hayes
  • Sarah Hiner
  • Amy Hershman
  • Steve Herman
  • Casey Crawford
  • Courtney Johnson
  • Brian Joesten
  • Amy Stivers
  • Tonya Edison
  • Brian Witt
  • Marlene Lammie
  • Mac McRanor
  • Julie Juffer
  • Kevin Russell
  • Judy Howser
  • Ron Ross
  • Abbi Ang
  • Jessica Salvadori

Congratulations to 2018 HSE Graduate/SSC Alum Madison Kertin! (press release)

Dumfries, VA – At their recent meeting, the Trustees of the Former Agents of the FBI Foundation awarded a scholarship for the 2018 - 2019 academic year to Madison Kertin of Fishers, Indiana. Madison will attend the University of San Diego in San Diego, California in the fall. She is the granddaughter of former FBI Agent Robert E. Kertin.

The funding of the Foundation scholarship program is based in part on the generous contributions of current members of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, as well as contributions left through sizeable bequests over the years. Scholarships are granted to outstanding students based on financial need, academic achievement, leadership and community involvement.

The Former Agents of the FBI Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, Inc., located in Dumfries, Virginia.

We recently asked 2017 HSE Grad/SSC Alum Sydney Knurek what she had been working on at the prestigious University of Cincinnati DAAP (Design, Art, Architecture, Planning) School….well, this is what she sent us. How awesome is that! Nice work Sydney!

And did you know that UC offers in-state tuition to HSE graduates with qualifying grades? The Knurek family still has a swimmer here at HSE and Jeff/Kathy are always around – one of the great things the SSC Family provides is “experience mentoring” and I hope you will take advantage of this by asking parents of older swimmers for wisdom and guidance as your student-athlete takes on new challenges!