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EDGE Goes 2-0 with Great Energy!

Congratulations to our amazing EDGE swamily on a fantastic start to the 2018 Summer Dual meet season. We are 2-0 after a 293-181 victory over Vergennes and a 287-76 victory over Middlebury at our home opener. Thank you to all of our amazing parent volunteers who made our first home meet a great success which led to an early finish!

Our swimmers showed great toughness and enthusiasm at Vergennes despite frigid water temperatures. Coach Logan was proud of the team, but tasked our swimmers with the challenge of greatly improving team spirit both with our opening team cheer and with on-deck cheering throughout the meet. Our swimmers responded to that challenge! At our home opener, we had one of our loudest opening team cheers, and led by our oldest swimmers, our team had great energy and support for one another throughout the weekend. Congratulations, EDGE, on a fantastic start to the 2018 summer dual meet season!

Before we highlight our double and triple winners from these dual meets (you can see these swimmers mentioned and scores posted throughout the CVSL in the Burlington Free Press sports section!), we want to thank and acknowledge the amazing dedication, hard work, and sacrifice for our swamily over the years from Bethe Patrick. 

Toward the end of the Middlebury meet, referee Jess Workman took a moment to acknowledge the amazing tenure of volunteer work from Bethe Patrick. Bethe has been the aquatics director for the Williston EDGE for the past three years and has served as an integral part of our daily operations from administrative tasks behind the scenes to providing her time and services as an official on deck. The past two years, Bethe has continued to serve as an EDGE official despite the fact that all of her children finished swimming in 2016. This type of passion and love for our team, and this sport, is unparalleled and she will be truly missed as she resigns from her position as aquatics director and moves west to Oregon to rejoin many of her family members. Thank you, Bethe!

To view full meet results for this meet, and all meets, visit the  EDGE Meets Results page under the EDGE Performance tab.


At Vergennes: 

  • Ryley Morigeau, 8&U Girls: Fly, Back, Free
  • Heath Schnipke, 8&U Boys: Fly, Back, Free
  • Emma Main, 9-10 Girls: Fly, Back, Free
  • Charles Fahey, 9-10 Boys: Fly, Breast, Free
  • Esther Cuneo, 13-14 Girls: Fly, Breast, Free
  • Harry Sanders, 13-14 Boys: Fly, Back, Free
  • Miles Cochrane, 15-18 Boys: Fly, Breast, Free

Vs. Middlebury:

  • Heath Schnipke, 8&U Boys: Fly, Breast, Free
  • Emma Main, 9-10 Girls: Fly, Back, Free
  • Charles Fahey, 9-10 Boys: Fly, Back, Free
  • Marin Hemmett, 11-12 Girls: Fly, Breast, Free
  • Kimberly Nguyen, 15-18 Girls: Fly, Back, Breast
  • Miles Cochrane, 15-18 Boys: Fly, Back, Breast

Double Winners:

At Vergennes:

  • Brady Morigeau, 11-12 Boys: Back, Free
  • Madison Cholewa, 15-18 Girls: Fly, Free
  • Kimblery Nguyen, 15-18 Girls: Back, Breast

Vs. Middelbury:

  • Lila Watkins, 8&U Girls: Fly, Breast
  • Alissa Pavlov, 8&U Girls: Back, Free
  • Luc Gagnon, 11-12 Boys: Fly, Back
  • Dan Coel, 11-12 Boys: Breast, Free
  • Lula Andrae, 13-14 Girls: Fly, Free
  • Esther Cuneo, 13-14 Girls: Back, Breast
  • Alex Meek, 13-14 Boys: Back, Breast
  • Harry Sanders, 13-14 Boys: Fly, Free