Great swims at Auburn Long Course Meet!

Auburn, AL - Amazing job to all our swimmers who competed at the Richard Quick Invitational June 22-24. We had a countless best times, 1st time SES qualifiers, 1st time finalist, finalist, and team records!


Elie Taliaferro
New 13-14 club records in 50 Fr & 100 Fr
Grayson Payne
New Sr club record in 100 BK
Nolan Bernard
New SES cuts in 50 BK & 100 BK


50 Fly -Ellie Taliaferro 8th, Jillian Cantrell 19th, Hannah Walton 37th, Belle Flasch 48th

            Pierce Lively 35th

200 Free - Will Jackson 28th, Max Ransom 40th, Gabriel Johnson 41st, Jake Marcum 48th

100 Breast - Ellie Taliaferro 31st, Brighton Smith 35th, Jillian Cantrell 38th

                     Luke Massey 8th, David Horne 36th, Reece Gallagher 42nd

100 Back - Grayson Payne 3rd, Ellie Taliaferro 13th, Emma Scruggs 15th

                   Jake Marcum 12th, Max Ransom 46th, Will Jackson 48th

400 IM - Gabriel Johnson 15th

50 Back - Lily Parr 24th, Madeline Bond 48th

                 Sam Powe 23rd, Pierce Lively 40th, Drew Bond 46th

200 Fly - Emma Scruggs 31st

               Ethan Bevill 15th, Max Ransom 23rd

50 Free  - Ellie Taliaferro 12th, Grayson Payne 32nd

                 Luke Massey 28th, Will Jackson 38th

200 Breast - Jillian Cantrell 35th, Brighton Smith 43rd

                     Luke Massey 21st, Gabriel Johnson 22nd, David Horne 39th

400 Free - Will Jackson 30th

50 Breast - Ellie Taliaferro 7th, Lily Parr 30th

                   Ian Frakes 20th, Devon Frakes 42nd

200 Back - Emma Scruggs 7th, Grayson Payne 17th, Jillian Cantrell 32nd, Brighton Smith 48th

                  Jake Marcum 7th, Sam Powe 21st, Will Jackson 22nd, Reece Gallagher 33rd

100 Free - Ellie Taliaferro 14th, Grayson Payne 44th

                  Jake Marcum 22nd, Max Ransom 24th, Luke Massey 28th, Will Jackson 38th

200 IM - Emma Scruggs 16th, Brighton Smith 31st

              Gabriel Johnson 15th, Sam 39th, Luke Massey 41st

100 Fly - Jillian Cantrell 27th

               Ethan Bevill 11th, Gabriel Johnson 20th, Max Ransom 27th


200 IM - Ben Bevill 4th

50 Free - Frances Bohner 7th

                Ben Bevill 8th

100 Back - Ben Bevill 4th

50 Fly - Frances Bohner 7th

50 Back - Ben Bevill 2nd

100 Free - Ben Bevill 7th