Hospitality For Next Weekend

YSST is hosting the 2018 USRY LC Championships July 6-8. We will feed 50+ coaches and officials 3 meals a day,  each day of the swim meet. We have built a wonderful reputation for our team as well as our hospitality - so I invite you to support our wonderful team!


During this meet next weekend we have Starbucks, Center Street Eats, Backstreets, PDQ and Jimmy John’s donating food/beverages, however we still have a few needs to supplement those donations.


Friday Lunch - July 6th @ 11:30


We are wanting to serve different kinds of  cut up sandwiches.

Examples of what we will need : 


Pimento cheese sandwiches 

Chicken salad on small croissants

Turkey & cheese sandwiches 

Ham & cheese sandwiches


Saturday Dinner - July 7th @ 5:00

We are going to serve BBQ sliders:


Need Potato salad



Sunday Dinner-July 8th @ 5:00

We are going to have a taco bar:


Examples of what we need:

Shredded lettuce

Diced tomatoes 

Sour cream

Shredded cheese

Chips & Salsa



Needs for Saturday Breakfast & Sunday Breakfast:

Fruit salads/Fruit trays



Needs for any day/time:


Bite size desserts




  • If you can help out with food donations please email/txt me directly so I can keep track of it all.
  • Also, if you want to help more with hospitality please call me.


Thank You!!!

Amy Pitts