21 Swimmer advance to GRPA STATE MEET following DISTRICT meet this past Friday


CONGRATS!!! on making the 2018 GRPA STATE TEAM! Hard practice and great team work got you there. We have several things that I have received about the State Meet and paperwork that must be completed on Monday July 2nd.

Thomas Alberga, Owen Brubaker, Logan Cornelison, Levi Cragle, Nate Flanders, Daniel Gonzalez, Mackenzie Hatton, Abigail Hutcheson, Hannah Ki, Jenna Ki, Marina MacKinnon, Alli Martin, Alay Modi, Jack Murdock, Rachel Murdock, Evie Parke, Liam Parke, Maggie Parke, Shravya Prakash, Carys Rountree, and Alex Winship.

We took 21 swimmers on Friday night to the meet and I am proud to say that ALL 21 swimmers advanced to GRPA State in 1 or more events! Way to go WAVES! Big shout out to Coach Katerina and all of our Parents and family members supporting the team by cheering, helping the coaches and timing at the meet.

We have a mandatory Parent Meeting tom Monday July 2nd. Information about the meet, t shirt orders will only be taken tom no extension (bring a check or cash Each t-shirt will cost $15.50. Parents, Grand Parents may order a shirt as well). I must order the shirts by Tuesday morning July 3rd to have them back in time.

Meeting- upstairs in the stands
Time 5:00p-5:30p I MUST be on deck at 5:30p. We have practice and evals tom.

Coach Teresa