February Board Meeting Minutes


VSA February Board Minutes


*February Board Meeting was held on Sunday, February 10th, at 6 pm at River Region.


*The Meeting was attended by William Butler, Sheri Wallace, Rock Fields, Jodi Ryder, Karla Cook, Neil Ferrell, and Mathew Mixon.


*Voted unanimously on accepting the minutes from January


*Old Business


                        *discussed what possibly needs to be handled in order for this to occur.

                        *discussed moving towards the summer and maybe shortening it this year

                        *tabled until next meeting


*Training Trip

            *VSA budgets allows for $4,000 looks like about $200 to $300 each



            *dinner margaritaville at 730 GO VSA


*Bag Tags

            *tags for younger swimmers to show what they have improved upon and accomplished

            *line for each stroke and dive and flip turn

            *will do 2 evals each year in one the spring and one in the fall


            **Bag Tags were unanimously voted as a go ahead!


*Meet Registration

            *it was also discussed that Coach Mixon would not receive emails and/or texts to add swimmers to meets once the meet registration is closed! Coach has a lot to deal with already and does not       have time to deal with extra work.


*Parent Meeting scheduled for either 2/27 or 3/1.


*Swim-a-thon March 27 at YMCA if sanctioned is approved


*Money from Swim-a-thon will go to the team, but those who put in the time and effort and raise the money will receive money to go towards the Team Trip.