March Board Meeting Minutes




VSA Board meet at River Region at 6pm on Sunday, March 4, 2018. Members in attendance: Kathy Juve, William Butler, Jodi Ryder, Sheri Wallace, Rock Fields, and Karla Cook.


Kathy gave the Following information on the current status of our accounts:

                        12,934.99 in ebusiness

                        1214.25 in regular

                        6866.06 in Ebersol account



            *tshirt guy is coming back to do shirts this year

            *possibly have a sno cone person lined out to do sno cones and that will be heat winner award



                        *Kathy has done big banner in the past with all the swimmers names

                                    *vistaprint $60 discussed possibly seeing if budweiser still does printing for non                                        profit organizations-william said he knows someone and would look into this.

                                    Karla suggested bannersonthecheap and or talking to speediprint (local)

                        *Kathy and Sheri said they would look into the banners and work on them

                        *Kathy suggested that the $25 that would take the place of people donating items be                                            drafted from each members account on the May 1 draft.

                        *possibly asking for donations from businesses and advertising on our webpage.

                        *sheri said she could do once get pricing set up


Mixed Bags

            *Kathy said she would take over doing the mixed bags. It would help her out in posting credits   towards kids accounts on who gets what amount.

            *mixed bags if ordered online get a 40% profit and in person is 50% profit

            *start as soon as can and try to get back before mothers day


            *kids profit amount goes towards the $200 due as vsa member fee


Training Trip

            *look like possibly 19 kids going

            *chaperones: Rebecca, Tiffany, Telly, Karla, Mixon, Norwood, Rob

            *in order to stay in the doors must have a sponsor..William working on that possibly getting to      see if Rob Wallace has any contacts

            *money made at swim a thon can be used towards kids account going on TT


Fundraisers (Swim-a-thon)

            *Swim-a-thon: have to check with US Swimming to see if we can do it on May 8 and/or 10

            *this would be our fundraiser to take the place of Gatorbait.

            *Money raised by kids going on training trip can go towards their payment for that and the          other money will go towards team building at Warner Tully which will be July 27

            *possibly invite non swim team people to participate such as Master Swim classes


*Mixon up on his cell phone contract needs new phone other cracked gives $125/month


Evaluation for new Bag Tag for the Whalies, White, and Black pods will be March 20 and 22 at the YMCA.


Parents will already be there maybe talk to them about Stamm etc.