April Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from 4/25/18


*Board members in attendance were: William Butler, Karla Cook, Neil Ferrell, Kathy Juve, and Mathew Mixon on this date 4/25/18 at 630 at River Region.

*VSA Board got together to hear Coach Mathew Mixon’s yearly evaluation as per his contract with the board.


*we did not have a quota to have a full fledge meeting.

* Mixon gave his presentation which was recorded with William Butler's phone. Butler said he would sent to other members of the board for them to view. Handouts were prepared by Coach Mixon and dispersed among the members present at the meeting.

*this will be discussed in a month and brought before the executive committee for a vote.

*May 8 is the day set for swim-a-thon.