May Board Meeting Minutes

VSA minutes from 5/6/18


*VSA Board held a meeting at 6 pm at river region

*Members in attendance: Jodi Ryder, Rock Fields, Sheri Wallace, Karla Cook, and Kathy Juve

                (quota of the meeting is met; president was out of town, vp unable to attend, and 2nd VP (karla Cook) is in attendance and per bylaws can have a meeting with majority of our members present)


*Vote to Move swim-a-thon from 5/8 to 5/10 to allow more time and also different high school events that are going on in the area that would hinder VSA kids in participating.

*This was made into a motion

                *first by Kathy Juve

                *second by Jodi Ryder

                *all voted all passed


                *set-up will be handled by William and Neil

                *Concessions and Hospitality will be handed by Sheri and Karla

                *Heat sheets/banners etc will be Sheri, Karla, Kathy

                *Consignments: Sara Harris

                *Heat winners will receive popcicles

                *Officials etc will be handled by Rock

*Treasurer as an appointed position and not voted in position

                *Since it had been voted unanimously last year to make the treasurer position an appointed position instead of voted and serve a term of 3 years and was never taken to members at large. It was felt like it was time to have this to be added to the website so our at large members could vote so this could be added to our bylaws.

                *Rock made a motion to go ahead and pursue this idea so we can go ahead and get a person trained by Kathy before she comes off this board later this year.

                *this was second by Jodi Ryder

                *this passed with a 5-0 vote

*we also made a point to show how we have a second “person” who is outside the VSA organization that helps with the books and helps us keep a record of our monies and that is Antwine Accounting as our independent audit person.