June Board Meeting Minutes

VSA Board Minutes for 6/8/18


The VSA Board met on 6/8/18 at 630pm at River Region.


Members present were Jodi Ryder, Karla Cook, Sheri Wallace, Kathy Juve, Rock Fields, Mathew Mixon, Neil Ferrell, and William Butler. This is 100% attendence.


*William opened the meeting stating that our STAMM meet went very well. He was proud of all of the hard work that was put into our meet and that things went smoothly.


*By-law discussion started with we need some kind of organization to our bylaws. They are contradictory and hard to follow and they have not been update or amended when voted upon


          *Kathy Juve volunteered to chair a committee to investigate the bylaws and organize them accordingly. Decided that this committee would be comprised               of 5 past board members.


          *we need to separate the bylaw and the parent handbook cause it is       continous


          *Motion of this committee was put into motion by Rock Fields, seconded by           Karla Cook and it was passed 8-0 vote.


*it was stated that we need to find someone for the treasurer position. It was also noted that this person needed to be bonded.


*Officals are needed


*Committee talk was tabled until next meeting


*Registration Chairperson is needed Sara Harris is taking a needed break from this  post. She has done a great job.


*discussed Shana Dixon as an assistant coach.

          *assistant coaches are Tiffany and Rebecca

          *mixon main head coach

*$10 side helper coach $15 certifications $40 meet with sessions

Treasury Report

          $25,742.13 in eBusiness acct

          $545.90 in regular acct

          $6,866.91 in savings


*the next part of the meeting was Mixons Evaluations according to his contract.

Mixon stayed for the part of evaluating each section of his contract. Karla Cook was excused for she was not on the board during the 16-17 year. The board went around the table rating Coach's jobs per contract on a 1-5 pt scale with 3 being that he did his job 4-5 was above duty and 1-2 poorly done. Each person gave a score and when needed justified their reasoning. When it came to the money part of the discussion Mixon excused himself. Karla Cook also excused herself because Mixon and Karla had to get ready for the training trip!.